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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Dilemma...

no, it's not "how do we get this huge rock out from in front of this cave...?"

The dilemma is: Who will be attending "Bunnies on the Bayou"? Will it be Boy G or Miss G? The plan all along was for Miss G to go. Each year, the largest donors (Miss G included!) are honored with a tent near the entrance to the party that houses a private bartender. Patrons are encouraged to decorate their tents to match the theme, and you can imagine at a gay event how elaborate those can become.

Miss G and her co-lieutenant decided on the theme "Project Bunway"- "for these 12 rabbits, this the the chance of a lifetime!", starring Miss G as Heidi (pregnant with Seal's baby, or course), Co-lieutenant as Michael Kors, and his boyfriend as "Meana Garzilla" (drag and makeup optional)

But here's the rub- it IS going to pour down rain today! There is a front coming through that you can see on the radar, and it's probably going to pass over Houston at T-1! And, this won't be some little sprinkly April shower. It's gonna be a full-on, balls-to-the-walls, it can only rain this hard in Texas kind of fronts, with severe thunderstorms and maybe a tornado or 2! So, the question becomes- does Miss G brave the weather, and risk ruining a wig and shoes, not to mention the humiliation of a mascara-stained face at one of Houston's largest events? Or does she send Boy G to make her excuses, and make the best of a party that will not be the grand event it could have been due to the weather? She has about 2 hours to decide, then it will be time to start painting! What's a gurl to do?!


miss alaineus said...

this is from a gurl who hates when the hems of her pants get it would make sense to this gurl that the wig and shoes stay home, high and dry.

have fun either way i can't wait to see pictures of your tent!


ps don't forget those little cocktail pronges for the vienna sausages!

Beth said...

It IS pretty upsetting to have your outfit and hair and everything just perfect, then have it get ruined by rain and/or wind. Either way, I know Ginger will have a great time, and please post pictures!

Hugs, Beth

Joy said...

I LOVE your Project Bunway idea!! Wish I could be there to see it!

What did you decide to do?


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