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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Biggest One I Ever Saw...

and who'da thunk it came from Japan!
The Hounen Matsuri, or Komaki Penis Festival, actually exists and takes place each year on March 15 in Komaki, Japan. It celebrates fertility, rebirth, and all things penis! The 42 year old men of the village, figuring they need all the help they can get, carve an enormous phallus out of a cypress tree, and parade it through the streets on a float. Miss Ginger is guessing that cypress is the hardest wood they have around the village. She is also guessing this tradition started long before Viagra was invented!
There are geisha's carrying phalluses, phallic chocolate and statues for sale, and rice balls thrown into the crowd for luck. Oh, and there's, saki. Lots and lots of saki, to be sure. And after the festival, all the folks, feeling warm and fertile from all that saki, love you long, long time!
Check out the links- I can't make up shit this good!

Oh, and mark your 2010 calendars for March 15th- Miss G's gonna throw a penis party the likes of which Houston has never seen!

Thanks, "Mom", for turning me on to this! (Word Choice Fail?)


Mark in DE said...

How is it that I've never heard of this before??? Thanks Miss Ginger! I say we try to get this tradition adopted in the US.

Dan said...

I love seeing the pictures of this each year. I hope I can score an invite to this party!

Bob said...

Now THAT'S a parade!

Beth said...

I wouldn't be surprised if there's teabagging going on there, too. ;)

Wonder Man said...

that's a lot of cock

miss alaineus said...

i thought that shit they did when they rode down the hill on the giant log was a party.....


i am spers to be doing laundry right now....

Anonymous said...

The only Saki I can tolerate is the literature of, but I might take a sip if I was looking at a cypress tree phallus. ~Mary

David Dust said...

"The Fabulous Cock Festival of Miss Ginger Grant" ... I'm SO there next year.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Very unique glasses in the last picture.


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