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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter from Project Bunway!

The Texas Weather did not look like it was going to cooperate with Houston's annual Bunnies on the Bayou Celebration, and as Boy Ginger pulled into the parking garage at Bayou Place, he thought he might be able to get to the tent before the rain started. But in the short time it took to park the truck and walk to the stairs, the skies opened up, and by the time Boy Ginger arrived at Fish Plaza it came a gullywasher! It poured for about an hour, and shortly after the rain stopped, the volunteers began setting up the bars, and all the folks around Camp Bunny got busy with their decorations!

Not knowing what the weather would do, Project Bunway got scaled back a bit, and we chose not to haul out the white runway or deck chairs for the judges. Instead, we brought a roll of trash bags, some scissors, and duct tape, and introduced the buntestants to the "rainwear challenge". We figured with inclement weather, it was about as clever as we could be, and if it stayed nasty, we'd make lots of friends with our trashbag rainwear!

As it turns out, after the storm came through the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS! It was more warm than cool, with a nice breeze in the shade. Once the weather came around, people poured into the plaza in masses, and BOTB was the huge success everyone expected!

And of course, with pretty weather, shirts started coming off, and even one of Houston's most venerable drag queens got all butch and boyish!
And, dear DD, don't think we forgot to get a pic of your Houston Dust Bunnies at Bunnies on the Bayou! That's Str8upwithatwist with Boy G down near the fountains of Fish Plaza!


David Dust said...


My Houston Dust Bunnies are SOOOOO good to me. And I had no I idea Timmy had such enormous ... WHISKERS!!! :)

It looked like a wonderful day. And I loved your idea of a "rainwear challenge". BTW - your trash bag garments were MUCH better than Stella's from Season 5! :)


miss alaineus said...

looks like y'all had a blast and a half! i just hung out at home nuking peeps :D

my ex bf is a real azzoole!

Beth said...

I'm so glad the weather cleared up for you! From gullywasher to sunshine!

Beth said...

OMG!!!!! PROJECT BUNWAY!!!! I LOVES it!!!! what a hoot!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you had a great Easter. Project Bunway looks like a blast, and love the bunny attributes.

Mark in DE said...



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