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Monday, April 27, 2009

A JazzFest Star Sighting???

Remember the picture Miss Ginger posted yesterday of the girl she and bubba had drinks with?
The whole time we chatted, it seemed so much like we had met before.

"Have you ever been to the 700 Club on Burgundy?", asked Miss G.

"Oh yes, I've been there!", says the girl.

"Back in November? I met a girl when I was here on a business trip."
"Oh, no, I wasn't here then. Didn't come down here until March."

Do you know....? No. ???? No. ???? No.

Arrrgh! It was driving Miss G crazy!!! Not only did she look familiar, but there was something about the soft carriage of her voice, the smooth intonation, the precise yet unnaffected accuracy of her pronunciation. And her smooth, beautiful skin and her warm brown eyes. Even as we talked, we laughed because Miss Ginger kept getting deja vu, like we had met before. We ended the evening with the mystery unsolved.

Then, on the way to work this morning, it hit Miss G like a ton of bricks!
It was Emily VanCamp, who plays Rebecca Harper on ABC's "Brothers and Sisters". I don't know for sure, but I think the resemblance is uncanny if it's not her!
So, GingerSnaps, whaddya think? Obviously, she didn't have on makeup, and her hair was pulled back, and probably back to her natural brown for the off season. Look at the brows. And the eyes. And the smile. I swear I think it was her!


Joy said...

I don't know. I can see it and sort of not, too.

kayce. said...

that doesn't look like her to me... i mean a little, but my vote is that it's not her, but that she clearly reminded you of emily, which is a good thing.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Man, if I was on a TV show I'd tell every damn person I met. I'm surprised she wouldn't have offered that information up on her own!

Beth said...

Hmm. I wouldn't say it's a definite. A possible. No matter what, it sounds like you had a great time!

Indigo said...

The resemblence is there. Did you get an email from her by any chance before leaving? You could just come out and ask. (Hugs)Indigo

Anonymous said...

I totally see it. The voice would have cemented it for me.

mistress maddie said...

It could be her, but if it isn't she sure looks mighty close girl! I can't make up my mind.

Anonymous said...

She's cute anyway-I can't tell for sure-don't really watch the show much.MBC


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