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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life Without Pinot- Day 1

Actually, Miss Ginger is being a drama queen... she's not completely without pinot. She's just had her second glass for tonight. And she's not gonna have a third. Really. She means it. She really means it.

The pre-diabetes thing from the doctor really got to her. Here's the rub: Miss G could drop dead of a heart attack tomorrow and have no regrets. Really. She's had a great, happy life, and if the good Lord chooses to call for her tomorrow, off she'll go to be reunited with her loved ones in the afterlife. She really believes that, and this is not about a fear of dying.

It's the fear of not dying that terrifies her! She remembers standing by what turned out to be her mother's death bed, thinking "Oh, Momma, no!" Momma G loved life, too, and would have been miserable if that stroke had spared her life but had left her without the use of her hands, or without the ability to move freely about the house she considered her castle. Try as they might, Jackson and Shelby would be hard pressed to take care of their momma, and there's really no one else around to do it! So, Miss G has no choice but to get some of this weight off and start moving around more so she can stay healthy.

To that end she has decided to give Nutrisystems® a try. There's a couple of reasons why she thinks it might work.

1. It's kinda brainless. Open the pack and eat it. She pretty much does that anyway, most of the time.

2. It's automatic. They send it to the house. No grocery shopping, which Miss G hates.

3. It's built in portion control, which Miss G needs. Living alone, she tends to eat all of everything. She won't feel like eating it as leftovers tomorrow.

4. It's prepaid. She paid for it up front, so if she doesn't follow the plan she will have wasted all that money.

Of course, #4 didn't really work so well for that gym membership that she finally cancelled, or the rowing machine that's collecting dust in the guest room. Okay, scratch #4.

Still, if it can help her look like this:

or this:

It might be worth a try.

(actual Nutrisystem® website models!)

Oh, and it comes with it's own free blog site! So check out her Nutrisystem® blog !


David Dust said...

I have been SO bad this weekend ... I'm postponing my Weigh-In this week.


Sam said...

I'm absolutely miserable being this fat, I need to lose some weight too. God Forbid I ever have to pay for two seats on an airline flight. Come on Girls lets work off this weight!!!

miss alaineus said...

i have considered doing nutrisystem in the past just so i never have to cook again....evah!

unlyho it's time to go for a run....i hate getting up this early for work!


Bob said...

Good luck with that Miss G.
And maybe, one day soon, we'll see you paradin' around a pool wearing a bikini like Miss Valerie Bertinelli?

Beth said...

Good luck, Miss G--you can do it! I'll be your cheerleader, okay?

Hugs, Beth

Muffy Willowbrook said...

It's all about portion control, my love. I have tried this, and although it didn't work for me, maybe a stronger person can hold on to the program.

I recently picked up Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel. We'll see how that works..

GOOD LUCK! You can do it!

Mark in DE said...

Good luck, Miss G. Keep us posted. But don't forget about exercise. For most people, diet without excercie (or vise versa) isn't enough.

Indigo said...

where there is a will there is a way. The Nutrisystem is an easy way of helping you get there. It sounds perfect for you. (Hugs)Indigo

Wonder Man said...

good luck, I heard it's a great program

Lisa said...

I know lots of people that use it and have had amazing success. I will be cheering you on as youbegin this transistion! You can do it!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It gets harder and harder to control our weight as we get older. Good luck with the NS plan. Me, I plan on yardwork and 12 oz curls to keep me in shape :o)

Joy said...

I'm going to follow your NS blog and your FAB blog and see how you do. I don't like to cook and just get lazier and lazier about fixing myself meals, so this might be really good for me, too.

Good luck!! I did that with the gym, too. My intimidating friend Paige will have me back over there soon, though.

WV is perich (yikes)

Joy said...

LOL Just had to tell you this Word Verification on this one! "cotsticr" We should make that some new profanity with or without spelling changes.


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