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Friday, April 17, 2009

Why is it that....

when Jackson became diabetic, we knew it because he lost like half his body weight, but when Miss Ginger's doctor tells her she's pre-diabetic the prescription is to lose weight now! I want to be a cat!!! I HATE dieting- my stomach HURTS when I get hungry, and I get really cranky and bitchy, not my normal sweet self at all! (Ask my coworkers or travel companions!) And, I can't run or walk because my feet are SO fucked up from 24 years of retail and 5 years of drag ( YOU try cramming this foot into a 4" peau de soie for 3 hours!) And my bike tire is flat. And my rowing machine hurts my back. And my yoga teacher is on hiateus. And the sky is blue... and the grass is green.....

However, we have made some modest changes here at Chez Ginger, since all three residents are a bit curvier than ideal.

1. The kitties only get one cup of kibble a day. They will have to learn that sometimes it's okay for their bowl to be empty. It will be hard, but they will adjust.

2. Miss Ginger only gets 2 glasses of pinot grigio a night. She will have to learn that sometimes it's okay for her glass to be empty. It will be hard, but she will adjust.

Now, does anyone know where Miss G can find 750ml stemware?


Beth said...

When Ken and I have wine, we only have one glass each.

I was really happy when I found two rather large glasses that hold half a bottle...!

I'm sorry to hear you have to worry about weight, what you eat, etc. I hope you'll rely on many of us here for moral support and encouragement!

Hugs, Beth

frogponder said...

Exercise stinks so I don't do it.
But I put on my favorite-ist music, really loud and dance around doing the haus-frauing. I get hot and sweaty so that counts doesn't it?

miss alaineus said...

i like beth's idea of one glass of wine in a really big glass....

i know you and the kittehs will getrine fast and have to alter all your fabulous garments!


Bob said...

We've tried Number 1 around here, but it got so violent that we had to go back to twice-daily.

Cats can be vicious. =)

Miss Ginger Grant said...

so if I have Celia dance around and get real sweaty, I'll lose weight?! Thaqt's great, I'll have her try it next Friday!
Does anyone know how to say "dance" in Spanish?

Bob said...

Dance: bailar

frogponder said...

>Does anyone know how to say "dance" in Spanish?<


(okay so we didn't have Spanish in Canada. I can say it in French -

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Yes, large wine glasses. We actually find we moderate better on that than on beer :o)

Joy said...

I just love you!!! I wish we lived closer to each other, so we could be good and bad and bitch about all this together!!!

Jimbo said...

Miss Ginger, try swimming. It's low impact, easy on the feet but is a really fantastic workout.

Also, check out the cookbook by Ellie Krieger, it's called "The Food You Crave." She takes a healthy approach to a lot of foods that we enjoy. Her recipes are easy to follow, they're delicious and they're good for you, cutting calories and fat.

Good luck with it. I'll be here to cheer you on!

Lisa said...

If you are fortunate enough to find stemware fo that size, by all means, PLEASE share the site so we can all obtain them too!


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