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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well almost, anyway!
Tonight was Miss Ginger's night to host the ball committee and the members presenting costume ideas, and we had pretty much finished. The members had left, and the Lieutenants and co-captains were sharing notes, cocktails, and munchies when there came a howl from the backyard. "Damn Bentley!", thought Miss G as she went out to run off the lesbian neighbor cat that often comes to torment Nog.
When she went outside it wasn't Bentley, but a big, brown cat that looked just like...
"JACKSON!"- "What the hell are you doing out here?"
It seems Mr. Curious Indoor Kitty managed to slip by one of the members and spent some time exploring the backyard- until he ran into Mr. Nog!!
Now, Mr. Nog is a sweetheart, and loves his belly rubs as much as the next kitty- but, as an outdoor kitty, he's got street cred- he'll CUT a bitch! I know this from the hanks of yellow fur that I have found he has ripped out of Bentley from time to time!

So there they are , faced off, eye to eye, with Jackson puffed up the size of a mountain lion! Momma Ginger screams "Nog, leave him alone!", and, as Nog breaks eye contact, Jackson high tails it for the backdoor and the safety of his indoor "prison". Once he got in, it was clear he was terrified! He's much better now, but Miss Ginger hopes the little shit learned his lesson: you ain't got it so bad in this palatial home you call "prison"!


Coelha :B said...

Inside Kitty doesn't know how good he has it...well may be he does now!! :) Julie

Beth said...

We often speculate that Sheeba hates his prison and despises his captors...but deep down, I think he knows he's got a pretty good gig here!

Indoor cats are the healthiest cats, and on average, live much longer than outdoor cats. You'd think they'd understand this and be grateful, but nooooo!

Hugs, Beth

Bob said...

Our cat Tuxedo was declawed vy a vicious idiotic vet before we got him, so he is not allowed outdoors without adult supervision--which means I carry him around the yard because that sum bitch can run!
Once he escaped and we spent a good thirty minutes chasing him around the yard, and only when he decided it was enough did he simply walk to the back door, sit down, and wait to be let in.
Who's the boss now?

Mark in DE said...

Pouncer completely adores me and would never dream of leaving his palace, in which he allows Spouse & I to live with him. He's a little bit spoiled.


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