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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Their Weather is Crappy Anyway...

Bob from Smallville posted about the new bill in Washington state called, for lack of a better term, the "everything but" bill. Ya see, it allows gay couples in Washington state the same rights and priveleges that the state affords heteros, BUT the right to say they are "married".Talk about a huge step backward for civil rights! Do you think Dr. King would have been alright if the white guys said: "Blacks in America can have the same rights as whites, but they're still (n-word)s?! That's basically what the state of Washington is saying to gays.

Marriage is marriage- if the religious right doesn't want to have the same name for their unions as gays, let THEM come up with their own euphemism!

Meanwhile, Mss Ginger not eating apples anymore- not that she ever did much anyway! But how ironic that their logo is a rainbow apple!


frogponder said...

Washington waving here!
We are a little schizophrenic here, aren't we?
Two lower courts overturned the 'defense of marriage act' cooked up by the legislature in 1998 but it got stuck at the state supreme court, 5 to 4. Just one vote. The good thing about our supreme court is that we can vote them out so this is where we need to concentrate our efforts. You can bet next election I'll be looking, and asking, for statements about this issue. One of my Emergency Back Up Daughters is gay and I want Emergency Back Up Grandchildren with a fully protected set of mommies.

Sam said...

Everything but? sucks doesnt it. Why would anyone give a shit if you wanted to use the term "married" Oh yeah I know the Preacher who is f**king the alter boy, and organ player. All the while he's taking exctasy, and watching porn.
This state allows you to kill yourself, but not able to use the word married. amazing

Mark in DE said...

Yet another reason why FEDERAL legislation is needed to provide marriage equality to all Americans, in all states.

Are you listening (reading), President Obama?

Beth said...

God help me, I just saw Pat Buchanan on the Chris Matthews Show talking about this. I managed to refrain from throwing anything at Mr. TV (we love him, after all), but it was close. Buchanan made some comment about how monogamy between a man and a woman is the law of nature, or some such bullshit. Ken said, "The law of nature is to hump pretty much anything that moves!" I said, "Yeah, perpetuate the species and all that." We had fun laughing at Buchanan, so I guess something good came out of it!

Hugs, Beth


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