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Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss Ginger's First Guest Spot!

Miss Ginger was THRILLED to be asked to be a guest blogger on Mike Alvear's Urge and Merge! Apparently, he picked up Miss G's post about "drag cougars" and thought his readers would find it amusing. Check it out!


Beth said...

That was wonderful, and so funny! I left you a comment there. :)

Kaio said...

Hey Ginger!
I am happy for your 'Guest blog' task! Show them how to be as fabulous as you are.
Kisses from London

Bob said...

I was reading Mike's spot the other day and I thought, I know Miss G....what's she doing here....oh wait!


Lisa said...

A Guest Spot....we are all so very proud!

Joy said...

That was excellent and fabulous (like you)!!! Yea!!!


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