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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sanctuary Much!

Mistress Maddies park post made me remember that I forgot to post an ADORABLE pic I took at JazzFest! Aren't they precious!? They kinda remind me of Miss Alaineus taking her kids on a field trip! There is a retaining pond in the infield at the Fairgrounds, and apparently is has become a wildlife sanctuary! Right after these geese swam by, a little famly of mallard ducks scampered off the embankment, plopped into the water, and swam away in the opposite direction! The zoom on my camera was zoomed all the way out, and I didn't have my glasses on, so I wasn't able to snap the ducks before they were out of sight.
I just LOVE baby animals!


mistress maddie said...

That is a cute pic Miss G. Soon, the lake here will be inadated with tons of baby geese and their parents. They are so cute to watch aren't they/

frogponder said...

Today we saw the first baby geese at the pond in our park. The parents always stand back and let the babies get their fair share of the bread tossed out.

Joy said...

So cute!! I have that Zoo Babies link on my blog just so I can see baby animals every day!

Char said...

I love the second pic with Mom in Front and Dad bringing up the rear. Sweet!

miss alaineus said...

if they were my kids on a field trip they would of been kung fuing the trout or something and screaming loud enough at the other flora and fauna to put the other ducks at risk of deadly animal attack.

thanks for the shout-out, that made my day!


Coelha :B said...

Very cute... Is that mama duck in the front, and papa duck in the back of the pack, or vice versa? Julie :)

Beth said...

I do, too, Miss G, they're adorable!


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