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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Disaster Strikes Chez Ginger!

For the past 3 days Miss Ginger has lounged around the W Hotel in Atlanta while Boy G did the duties of his day job. Not a bad gig, but kinda boring, so Miss G was thrilled when the Boy got ahead of schedule and was able to leave earlier than expected this morning. They got to the airport in Atlanta just in time to move from their 4:30pm flight to a noon departure, saving them a long afternoon of airport cocktails in the president's club.

The trip home was uneventful, but when they got home they discovered that disaster had struck (had stricken?) at Chez Ginger.

Apparently some drunk lost control of his car and ran across the end of Miss G's driveway, tearing out a bouganvilla that Miss G hated and damaging some azaleas that Miss G loves. Thank goodness the tree stopped the truck, which apparently suffered a broken oil pan (from the stain Boy G saw in the street) and I'm sure cracked it's radiator. The neighbor talked to the guy, and reported the incident to the police, but really, no harm was done other than some uprooted shrubs and some displaced dirt. It's a good thing Boy G's truck was parked at the airport or it would have gotten hit! Luckily, the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny this weekend, so Boy G can do some gardening. And if he does a really good job, perhaps Miss G will fix him a bloody mary or 2!


Joy said...

I'm glad things worked out and the truck wasn't hit. That was funny about the bouganvilla you hated - as least some good came from it.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

So glad that your truck was not there :o)

miss alaineus said...

i am glad your truck was gone too!


mercr, i ate too damn many pazckis yesterday!

Blaine said...

So you finally "Got down that BOOGIE OOGIE OOGIE" that you hated so much.

alnhouston said...

how weird is this...
today my clients bf told me about a drunk who ran into the neighbors house!

Beth said...

I'm certain that Miss G will be happy to fix Boy G a couple of Bloody Marys. I hear she's very thoughtful that way. :)

Hugs, Beth

Dan said...

The drink i find refreshing when working in the garden is -
Absolute rasberry
splash of chambord(sp)



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