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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh, Yes it's Carnival Time!

Well Miss Ginger and RMM RM have made their cross-Louisiana trek from Lafayette through Baton Rouge to Metairie, and decided tonight since it was so close to the Mardi Gras that they would go into the quarter and see what was happening. The party atmosphere is definitely beginning to develop! First we went to the original Acme Oyster House for a fried seafood fix, then we wandered on Bourbon a bit while we drank our geaux beers and took in the sights. And believe me, they weren't "visions", they were "sights". Lots of older "Mardi Gras Tourists" wandering the streets, but there were a few crowded balconies and a quite a bit of bead slinging. And yes, "tits" were being shown ocassionally for those most prized strands, but, alas, the "end of Bourbon" (which begins at St. Ann and is MANY blocks long) was markedly quiet and all pants remained zipped. Starting around Thursday, the pretty boys will begin to arrive and they will flock southward all weekend until Tuesday culminates the celebration. Ah, Miss Ginger remembers fondly the days when young Boy Ginger would drive his '76 Chrysler Newport down from Baton Rouge on Thursday and float through the weekend on a cloud of beer, daquiris, and adrenaline! Now just the thought of all those machine-pumped, acidic daquiris makes Miss G's tummy flip flop- and not in a good way!
She was a hot tranny mess back then- now she's just a tranny!

Those were the days!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love Acme Oyster House. We make a meal there, and of course cruise the strip afterwards :o)

David Dust said...

I am jealous that you're so close to New Orleans. I would love to be there for Mardi Gras.

And darling - you will ALWAYS be a hot tranny mess!!


Beth said...

We've been in the Quarter when the guys were showing off their packages, and it wasn't at the end of Bourbon, either. What is it about the French Quarter that makes people want to show their junk? It's hilarious!

Love the Acme Oyster House. Last time we were there, we had one and a half dozen oysters each, and talked to a shucker named Hollywood. I wonder if he's still there? Did you know that in San Francisco they don't serve Saltines with raw oysters? What kind of sacrilege is that? How's a gal supposed to eat raw oysters?!

I hope you had a martooni for me! ;)

Love, Beth

miss alaineus said...

madi gras: beads, tits and bits....

ungroan-- when you are trying really hard not to laugh and a weird snarfulling noise comes out of your mouth through your closed palm which is trying to stifle the sound.


bonus verification.

i am going to buy a pedi-egg to dermarid my feet...

Joy said...

Ah yes, memories! You still have bunches of fun, but not with all the same drinks, I'm sure. Your weekend sounds great!

I want to go to NOLA again!

Indigo said...

I've never been to New Orleans. I would love to experience it sometime. Not sure if I want it to be around Mardi Gras though. Just to explore the history and buildings of another time. (Hugs)Indigo


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