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Monday, February 9, 2009

Miss Ginger's Garage is Clean as a Whistle!

And the place she parks her cars is organized, as well!

All the glitter is organized by color and "grit",

the "schlung" is all boxed and labeled,

and even the paints are organized and colorized!

And both cars fit in the garage!

Just 2 days after the ball! This has to be some sort of record!


Aurora said...

Wow, that is clean. I'm very impressed. Now I can imagine what the store looks like after Ginger has been through it. I enjoyed the ball and you were one of my favorites. Kisses!

Sam said...

I can only dream to be that organized. Eat your Heart out Martha Stewart. On my way to South Texas as I write this, it is one of my favorite places to go. Hopefully I will be able to swing by Luling for some smoked meats.

Beth said...

Very impressive! I bet it would be fun to do arts and crafts with you. :)

mistress maddie said...

Now that your caught up can you come do mine organizing?

Dannelle said...

I love you, I hate you- glad someone is organized!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Wow, your supplies are amazing :o)

Joy said...

You really are a goddess! I want to be like you.

Jimbo said...

Oh my gosh, I have a friend who would just be giddy over your shelf of glitter. Sparkly and gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

G-Due to rain I could not work in people's yards today, si I took inspiration from your clean garage to start cleaning up our work shed
and the lawmmower shed is next. Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!MBC


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