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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Boy Ginger!

Many thanks to all of you for your warm wishes to Boy G on his 46th birthday, via blog, facebook, phone, and in person! Miss G is ageless, but Boy G is really hating this particular birthday, and really appreciates that his friends wouldn't let him wallow in the self pity that he so gloriously anticipated!
Turning 46 has been difficult for Boy G. Cute young Miss G can be any age she wants, but Boy G is stuck being a 46 year old man with a bald head, spreading midsection, aching feet, and rising cholesterol and bloog pressure! Plus, at 45, 50 is still 5 years away! Now, it's looming dangerously close! Boy G never felt his age until Momma G died, and now he just feels like an old man with dead relatives and 2 persnickity cats that only attention to him when they want to!
But Miss Marriane and the gang would have none of THAT depressing self pity! She and Meg dragged me (screaming!) to the Mystery/Fantasy ball last night, and we had a blast! (more pics at str8upwithatwist's blog!) This morning, we had our regular mexican breakfast, and thankfully Boy G's request was respected for no greasy sombrerros and no mexican "Happy Birthday, Ponchito!" Then tonight, we had a low key night watching the Oscars and enjoying adult refreshments, while Baby Jack entertained us, thanks to his beautiful mom Meg and his handsome (and slightly hungover) dad Brett! Momma Shyanne was there with cute Kevin for breakfast and the Oscars, as was John and one of the the many handsome bald Tom's! "Mom and Dad' even called from vacation in Hawaii, and sent pics of cute surfer boys they took from their lanai! Dad promised to clip a surfer wth a coconut and stuff him in a suitcase so he can check him through to his final destination: Miss G's budoir! What a birthday present that would be!
It was a great day, and the Ginger's are blessed to have such great friends!


David Dust said...

It sounds like a wonderful day. Happy Birthday from New York City!!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you were not left alone to your own devices today and had a good time. Speaking of a good time, looking at those pictures indicates that a good time was had by all last night :o)

Joy said...

Happy Birthday and a wonderful year ahead!!! Oh, to be 46 again!

Enjoy it all even though I know what you mean. My mother is still living and is 88, but my father died way too young at 56. It's like we have buffer zones in that youngest category with grandparents. Now I have grandchildren! Just take care of yourself and stick around as long as you feel good! It sounds as if you have great friends who love you ... and who wouldn't!!!

Beth said...

Sounds like a great day. I'm so glad you had a good time!

We're pretty close in age. I'll turn 47 in August. In some ways, it kind of sucks to not be the one everyone is looking at...but I'm also much happier with my life and with myself than I've ever been. I'll take happiness over extreme hotness anytime. (But can I still have a little bit of hotness?)

Love, Beth

miss alaineus said...

i so thought beth and you were the same age as me!!!!

and none of us look a day over 26!


i ingerst-ed too much beer last night......

Dan said...

Bad Gay! I had it in my calender and totaly forgot to send you birthday wishes!

Happy belated from Chicago!

Coelha :B said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! :)

mistress maddie said...

Happy Birthday again girl! And from the pictures I have seen Boy G is quite adorable! And looks more like 37!


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