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Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have to concede with my dear GingerSnap Joy on this one- that Femin Susan thing is a weird ass! For those of you who don't know what I mean, Femin Susan is a "blogger" (I use the term generously) who actually publishes several blogs, most of which are photos of sculptural art work created by other artists. Each blog is dedicated to a specific medium, and even though she only credits herself for the "post", not the "art", her readers comment with lavish praise on her immense talents, which she never denies. Judging from the subject material, the source of the comments, and a few comments I have seen her leave on other blogs, I think (or at least she wants us to think) that she is a young girl in India. At one point, Joy was up in arms about the situation, (you go, gurl!) but then decided it wasn't worth pursuing, which I respected and condoned.
But this Susan Vermin chick has now left 2 totally inappropriate comments on Miss Ginger's blog! Not that they were tastelessly inappropriate- that would be totally appropriate! They were just totally out of context with Miss G, her blog, or the post to which they commented. For example:
In response to Miss Ginger's post about 2 totally inappropriate 50's era health films that equated homosexuality with pedophilia, Miss Vermin commented:
"How awesome! Thanks for sharing!may god bless you !" (sic) Hopefully, she didn't really think those film were awesome! And when she invokes deity, she really should capitalize!
And to Miss G's rant about the economy, her way-off-base response was:
"Hi…..Your blog is breathe taking. It has a great appeal.I like your blog……" (sic)
Well, Vermin Susan, I am sorry if I took your "breathe" away- it wasn't my intention! I know you read my blog, so step forward and defend, sweetheart. What's your deal? Why do you post art that is not your own and accept the praise as though it is deserved? And why do you read my blog and leave comments that are totally out of context to the subject matter? I just want to understand the situation! I would have emailed you directly but couldn't find an email link on any of you numerous blogs! There is an email link on my sidebar if you'd like to respond privately!


miss alaineus said...

you are talking about the pencil picture freak, yah???

i am so not going there. let her mess with me and i can say that i will do a mizzlent job defending you my dear friend!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I visited Femin Susan, and my inexpert opinion is that someone is in dire need of attention. Not an original bit of persona there :o) Good job calling her out :o)

Joy said...

I've decided she does this to make money because of the ads on "her" blogs!

It wasn't that I decided it wasn't worth it but found out that you have to be the one she plagiarizes in order to file a complaint. So I contacted Jennifer Maestre who does most of the pencil art to see if she wants to pursue it. She found a comment where Vermin Susan gave her credit. I think that isn't enough. Who will see that? I'm still furious!

Maybe if enough of us write about her on our blogs, word will get out. Those comments were ludicrous she made on your posts. She (if she really is a teenager) floods blogs with those comments in order to get hits. $$$$$

If you figure out a way to report her, please let me know. I found a place on blogger, which required actually sending mail to them.

Thank you for spreading the word. Let's keep on with it! I thought about contacting all the commenters but that would give her even more money through the ads. There has to be something we can do! Any ideas?

Thank you again, Miss Ginger, for writing about this and giving her the perfect name!

Beth said...

Hmph, I will definitely keep an eye peeled for her! I suspect you won't be getting an email anytime soon, though...!

Hugs, Beth

kayce. said...

i say you should just report her comments as spam... idk if you can do this if you don't have the full-on "moderate comments" settings on, but if you can, do it. if enough people flag the same acct, blogger will investigate.

Indigo said...

I totally detest comments that fluff over the actual content of what was written. It's not only self centered, it's blantantly immoral to not give some thought to the person who wrote the post originally. I get it more times than I'm comfortable with.

I don't understand someone that needs to gain popularity on someone else's coattails. It sounds insecure and anal. Sigh...and yes I've had a recent attempt at that too. I've nicknamed her my demi stalker. Let us know if she finds the courage to respond. (Hugs)Indigo

Bob said...

vermin Susan--love the name--left similar messages on my blog.
I could never figure out why or whay theu meant. Then I remembered Joy had been visited; and what Joy found out.
Susan seems a tad lonely to me.


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