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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SPOILER ALERT: A Top Chef Disaster!!!

Poor Carla (or "Colla", if you speak Emeril) was the carzy underdog who became the fan favorite toward the end of the Top Chef season. She came into the competition wanting "cook out of love", and she did, until tonight. On the eve of the finale, apparently her spirit guides went out drinking on Bourbon Street, and left her to deal with the evil and stupid Casey (who cares how she spells it!) as her sous chef. She led Colla into temptation, and since her spirit guides weren't there to protect her, we were left with a crappy sous vive and an absent bleu cheese souffle. Her love of peace cost her the win in the end. Kinda sad.
Unfortnately, that left Hoses R Us as the winner. Though I have to admit, Louisiana cooking agrees wtih him. He clearly gets it. And that's what won it for him in the end. Assuming that's all that happened "in the end". Just sayin': it's $100,000! I've known "straight" boys to give it up for a lot less.
Fortunately, that left Stefan holding the prize of Miss Uncongeniality. Sorry. If he were the last man on Earth I would kick off my pumps, wash my face, and go straight. He was such a soulless doucheface through the whole competition. His food reminded me of the freezer section at Sam's Club. How ironic that he lost because he froze some fish so he could slice it real thin. He might be a real nice person, and if someday, there were nuclear fallout across the entire world, and he and I were the only 2 humans unnafected, I might speak to him. Maybe. If I couldn't find some cockroaches to keep me company.
So, Top Chef is almost over, except for the "Leah and Douchebag Reunion Show".
At least we have a few more weeks of Drag Race....
then hopefully "Prokect Runway" will find a network!


kayce. said...

OH_MY_GAH!!! completely unacceptable...

again, i disagree w/ you slightly when it comes to stefan only to say that if carla couldn't win, i would prefer stefan over the hose... but that's like saying i would prefer eating snails to eating cow brain.

my thoughts are thus:
i think top chef needs to incorporate a point system.

that's the only way to ensure that work done over the entirety of the season is taken into account fairly, as well as a more concrete (as opposed to subjective) tallying system for the scores @ the finale.

throughout the season, each quick fire could be worth say 5 pts, each elimination challenge: 10. then, when they get to the finale, there is someone in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd point-wise. to even the playing field, they could dole out a set # of points per rank ~ say, 15, 10, and 5 respectively ~ and everyone starts from there w/ the judges point tally added on to that base: highest final score wins, period.

i know it sounds complicated, i am sure someone could come up w/ something easier, but i just feel like this is two seasons now that the ACTUAL top chef didn't win and the bottom chef did (well, lisa ALMOST did, which is bad enough)... the whole game of "judging them solely on what happens tonight" is just not fair when it comes to the final judging.

not to say that carla would have won even by points... as soon as she said yes to the sous vide i was worried and then the souffle, too... i feel bad for her, but i am extra glad she won the car last week. everyone in that room knows carla would've won had she done her thang. *sigh* i am so happy there's drag race, LOL.

Beth said...

I hear that cock-a-roaches will survive a nuclear attack, so I don't think you'll have to worry about having to deal with Stefan in such a situation. :)

Hugs, Beth

Joy said...

I like the point system, too. I'm so sad Carla didn't win and agree that she would have if she'd done it all her way. I couldn't believe the Hose won. I thought it would be Stefan, whom I feel the same way toward that you do, Miss Ginger. He was compassionate to Carla which was a shock when she was crying and actually seemed concerned.

Well, disappointing. Project Runway, get here soon!

Char said...

Well said, Miss G.! Kayce has good advice on the point system, it doesn't seem fair. But what you gonna do, such is life.

LOL on the cock-a-roaches.

miss alaineus said...

congrats on your bunny!

lmao at 'doucheface'

i am so happy it has been almost 2 years since i got rid of the exand i am so never going there again.

Bob said...

"If he were the last man on Earth I would kick off my pumps, wash my face, and go straight."

You speak for gay men everywhere.
Although I'll give him half-points for tryin g to comfort Carla.

Sam said...

kick off your pumps, and wash your face? What are you gay? :)
Congrats on your bunny, I seen a comment by anny. trying to defame your pix of the Mecca, by saying the pix was taken at the Marta station. F**kin traitor
Brave of you to post.
You are my favorite good buddie.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Carla was the only one that I really wanted to win.

knitguyla said...

I despise Stefan but when he tried to comfort Carla it seemed almost genuine. I wondered how much of what we saw over the season was a true account or just editing for drama. I'm so glad Carla won the car!

theminx said...

Awwwww...Stefan is a sweetie :)


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