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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Everybody's Doing It!

I can just hear Momma Ginger now: "If everyone was jumping in a lake, would you do that, too?"

Anyway, it seems everyone who's anyone on Blogger is visiting The Hero Factory to create their own superhero.

So here is Miss Ginger, superhero style!


Joy said...

This is similar to mine! Maybe I am going to get to be you! :-)

Joy said...

Actually, I made several it was so much fun! I made one similar to this one but not the one I posted, obviously. Wasn't that fun to do?

Anonymous said...

I can't see myself as a superhero. Gee, I thought I had imagination. A figure of righteous triumph? Nah, just give me some Rose Dom Perignon instead. ~Mary

miss alaineus said...

nice whip!

i will have to go check it out later-- i got a ton more to do on my work project, inatu day period it has to be done!


Indigo said...

That was fun. I'm not sure if I'll post it or not. I turned out to be a Medievel superhero. Go figure...I've never been up with the times. (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

Oooo, I haven't heard about this! I'm so there!

Sam said...

go on and whip it
go on and whip it good
just whip it.


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