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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Boys and Girls Beware!!!

Miss Ginger stumbled upon these 2 video clips on You Tube searching for the "That Girl" theme song. (Imagine that!) I'm not sure why they came up in that particular search.

They were 50's or 60's era "safety" films promoted by the Ingelwood Police Department for use in high school health classes. The titles "Boys Beware" and "Girls Beware" were designed to scare the crap out of the kids, and it probably worked.

The "Girls Beware" video is benign enough. It starts by imploring the girls to use common sense in relating to strangers, and in a very 50's like manner touches on the subject of "baby sitting safety". It ends by inferring (never saying) that if a girls allows herself to become too close to an older boy, she will become pregnant and end up in juenile detention. It never said how close- its just shows the sunshine and trees at that "turning point".

The "Boys Beware" video blows me away! The entire 10 minute video states emphatically that sick individuals known as "ho-mo-sexuals" will target boys for (vague implications) and might even kill them. It also stated pretty clearly that these boys will themselves become "ho-mo-sexuals" if they aren't extremely careful!

It's almost (that's a big almost) funny in a sick sort of way. Heaven forbid we educate the boys against the dangers of VD or unwanted pregnacies (they play a role in that, too!)

Interestingly enough, the cop in the girl video looks like a big ole lesbo (why didn't we warn the girls about those?!) and the cop at the end of the boy video is real cute!


Sam said...

Wow? Must have been absent on the day they showed these gems. Cant imagine what it felt like to be ho-mo-sexual in the world back then.

miss alaineus said...

so if i only allow myself to be flattered by the attention of younger boys i am safe from getting in trouble???? score one for the cougars!

trouble? that's my main intent (swear that was my verification)


Coelha :B said...

Umm..those aren't "homosexuals" they are child molesters!! Wow.. I'm amazed. Oh, and there are women child molesters too... Scary videos on so many levels!

Anonymous said...

I kid you not, we were shown a video in our middle school youth group about the "perversion of homosexuality." Some girl kissed her female best friend and wound up killing herself!!! I walked out then and there and when my parents found out, they went ballistic. We found a new church immediately.

It makes me sad to think that ignorance still flourishes.

Femin Susan said...

How awesome! Thanks for sharing!
may god bless you !

Beth said...

"Norma Neufner, Lesbian Cop! (A Quinn Martin Production) Tonight's episode: Tinker Tailor Soldier MURDER."

It's almost mind-boggling that some of that crap was shown to kids, isn't it? Good grief.

Hugs, Beth

Joy said...

Yeah, if they'd used the word pedophile, they'd have been accurate. That is so disgusting and beyond insulting! Unfortunately, there are still idiots who still think like this.

Anonymous said...

G-you are right-the female cop is scary-looks like me getting ready a krewe drag show-the boys remind of the guys I used to supervize. MBC


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