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Monday, February 23, 2009

Miss Ginger's StyleSession® Oscar Style!

(These pics were lifted from the AP, so credit is duly given)
There were,as always, some winners. and some losers on the red carpet last night, and Miss G must say it was the night of fanned-out fishtails and pushed up boobs! I'm suprised there wasn't more boob spillage (boobage?)
Anne Hathaway was the clear winner in this stunning Armani creation. She was so beautiful and the dress was so exquisite! She totallyshowed her gracious nature when Tim Gunn asked (with uncharacteristic tackiness) how much of it she would be keeping!
Penelope Cruz showed that you can wear a wedding dress again! You shouldn't, but you can. It was vintage. It was lovely. But it was someone's WEDDING DRESS! We just don't do that in our country, sweetie!

Marissa Tomei's gown was really pretty, but Miss G couldn't help but feel like the bodice looked like a stack of bevnaps fanned out on a bar. The effect worked for the skirt, but not so much for the smaller pieces at the top.
Tilde Swinton was her usual train-wreck self. Her indescribably bad garment selection perfectly complimented her Dyky Diva hairdo. I had to endure her, dear readers, so now you do, too!
Here's some boob spillage, SJP style. I'm not sure why I love her so much, I just do.

And finally, Meryl. Dear, dear Meryl. You have had more Oscar nominations than anyone in history. You have shown your enormous range in everything from comedies to dramas to musicals. And you tried really hard to wear something that was age appropropriate. Yet all you gave us was this sad, brown dress.
You are star, dammit! Start looking like one!


Anonymous said...

Meryl always looks incandescent to me. I dislike movies in general but adore her in particular.

knitguyla said...

Was it me, or was Sofia Loren drunk?! Anne Hathaway was stunning! I was secretly hoping she would win.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Some bad looking outfits, thanks for the summary.

kayce. said...

OMFG i did not get the bev nap correlation til you pointed it out, so thanks for that, LOL. there was a lot of red-foldy-dress-w/-big-jewelry, too.

i love me some tim gunn, and he did a good job for the most part, but you could tell the chaos made him nervous... the way he thanked and said goodbye to the person he was interviewing while facing the camera was painful to watch, but i hope they give him another chance next year.

i can tell you why i love sjp... not only did the bitch look fab, but she's one of the few divas who can rattle off designer names/outfit details w/ out stumbling or hesitating. she was fierce last night, even w/ (perhaps b/c of?) the major boobage. ^_^

Yasmin said...

I thought overall tey looked okay Meryl Streep is not a fashionista she lets her talent speak for itself Penolope Cruz looked great and her dress I thought had a flamenco look to it.

Take care


Beth said...

I didn't watch the Academy Awards, but the first thing I did today was check the best- and worst-dressed!

You didn't comment on Natalie Portman's pink dress. I think the color was a little TOO pink, but I love the style of it.

The pic of SJP and Matthew Broderick is priceless. With all the rumors of their split, MAN does he look uncomfortable!

Hugs, Beth

Coelha :B said...

Oh my..Jessica Parker's dress..uh...okay.. LOL.. Julie

Joy said...

I thought Matthew Broderick looked uncomfortable, too, and that SJP looked thrilled that he was with her. I am glad she didn't take a really deep breath, or those boobies would have escaped.

Loved reading your take on the fashions!


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