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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Mystery/Fantasy Ball

The Mystery/Fantasy Ball is a black tie/costume party thrown every year in Houston by a group of people who pay dues to become hosts. They have it in the same nightclub every year, the "theme" is similar every year (this year was some Ali Baba thing Miss G didn't fully understand), they throw plastic beads from the stage every year, they have dick dancers in cages every year, and all the people from the Krewe stand in the same corner every year. There is no charitable beneficiary, which is typically what it would take to get Miss G into a girdle or Boy G into a tux. Every year the G's promise to boycott it. And every year one of them ends up going!
This year was no exception. Miss G had long decided it wasn't worth a weekend of girdle marks, and Boy G had work stuff to do and really kind of was looking forward to staying home alone and wallowing in self pity on his birthday weekend. Several people had inquired if either was going, and all were told "no".
Then came a "facebook" from MA that said "Meg and I are picking you up at 6." Well, what the hell? I guess I better hot-glue something to a mask if I have to wear one in 60 minutes!
So Boy G ran to the garage and whipped up a mask, grabbed his tux out of the trunk (where it has resided since the Krewe Ball) and ran upstairs to S, S, and S.

The party was about as expected. It was fun. Virtually ALL of Miss G and Boy G's friends were there. The music was good. And the cocktails were free. All in all not a bad party.
But Miss G's next ex husband wasn't there. Not that he KNOWS he is Miss G's next ex husband. Or even Miss G's next husband. Hell, he barely even speaks to Miss G. But he is FABULOUS and someday Miss G hopes to be his wife!
Until then, enjoy the pics from the event!


mistress maddie said...

Miss G- You crack my ass up! This post just has me in stiches! You sound like me, that is takes a chartiy to get into a gridle! And don't you just love it when your not in the mood to go anywhere and your friends tell you your going! Well at least you had a good time and hell, the free cock-a-tails were worth it alone! And I see you got a boy-toy traped in the cage!!! You go girl! All the luck with training it!

Hugs and kisses-

mistress maddie said...


miss alaineus said...

i had to scroll down very slowly when i got to the cage shot...

many happy returns dah-link!

what's it like to be 29???


substr- the dude at subway who is consistently good at making a sammich despite being blunted out of his freakin mind.

Beth said...

Shower, Shave, and S.....? Hm.

Glad you had a fun time, even though you'd settled in for a quiet weekend. I already wished you a happy b-day on Facebook, but of course I'll wish you one here, too!

Hope your day is a great one!

Love, Beth

Yasmin said...

Happy Birthday glad you had a good time i don't know how you manage to whip up a costume in and get ready all in 60 I couldn't do it.
Enjoy the rest of your day


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Happy Birthday to you! The party looked wonderful and the man in the cage was great! I think alot of them belong in cages!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Happy Birthday Miss G. Glad you got kidnapped for the night.

Sam said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Ginger Grant. From one Aqueerious, to another. Enjoy!! Martini's for everybody

Anonymous said...

We had a great time-when you get back in town, Liz and I will take you to a late birthday dinner-MBC

Joy said...

I got behind reading blogs and look what all I've missed!

I can't find you on FB, so please add me as a friend - Joy Durham. (the rest of you, too, if you'd like)

You are so cute as Boy G and glamorous as Miss G. :-)

Coelha :B said...

So, who is the dude in the cage?! Not the future Miss G's husband?? :) You have such pretty teeth!


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