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Monday, February 2, 2009


That little groundhog saw its shadow, leaving all my yankee friends with 6 more weeks of winter.
Here in south Texas, our highs will be in the mid 60's and our lows wth dip down to the 40's.
February begins our gardening season; ceremoniously in Texas, we prune back the roses the day after Valentine's to start their flush of new growth, and before you know it we're spending the summer fighting back weeds. Gardening in Texas isn't like gardening in the north- it's not about encourging things to grow! It's about controlling the growth of the plants you want to keep them neat and "in bounds", and eliminating the sprouts, shoots, runners, and weeds from all the plants you don't want before they take over the yard.
Miss G grounds are a mess right now! As soon as the ball is over, she will have to get Boy G out there with a rake and shovel to get it pretty enough to post pics for you!


Char said...

A couple of weeks we had a hard freeze here in SW Florida, the first since I've been here. All my plants and shrubs, mango, avacado and sea grape trees appear to be dead. My yard is now a sad looking mess! (they) say not to do anything with them yet, but to wait for rain, then cut them back.
I'm just gonna be sick if I have lost all my pets!

Beth said...

I'll look forward to seeing pics!

I know what you mean about trimming things back rather than trying to get them to grow. Up here, we have to carefully plan when we plant, and sometimes "baby" things along. The exception is the flora out in the woods--the brambles and undergrowth just go crazy out there.

When we go to our timeshare in Florida, though, I'm always amazed by the lush growth there. Sometimes it almost seems like it's an actual entity.

Hugs, Beth

mistress maddie said...

If you want Miss G I'll send gardner down to help you out!

miss alaineus said...

you realize that based on the vernal equinox, we have 6 more weeks of 'winter' no matter what the friggin' groundhog says, right?

now quit making me hate on your warm weather state! we got up to almost 31 today, a midwestern heat wave!

verep...that dripping nose the sink makes that only bothers you when you are trying to sleep


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I am so ready for spring, and the chance to do yard work (hard to believe I typed that :o)


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