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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hey, GingerSnaps, look over to your right... on the sidebar. While we weren't paying attention, we hit another milestone: 25 followers!! Woohoo!
Now, we certainly don't have the widespread appeal of the DustDaddy, or the emormous web popularity (webularity?) of that adorable couple from Nutwood, but we are indeed growing as a family of movers, shakers, and 'Snappers!
Keep reading, and tell your friends to read!
And PLEASE keep commenting! It helps me give you what you want, and it gives me what I want: attention!!! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE??!! Thank you, I LOVE attention!


David Dust said...

Congrats dear -

Wishing you many, many more...


Yasmin said...

You have my attention!


Beth said...

Congrats, Miss G! You know, when I first started reading you, I think you only had a handful of readers. You've come a long way, baby!

Hugs, Beth

miss alaineus said...

wooo you got 26 now!!!

i need to recure this dang cold!

i can't wait to see your glitter work for this year!


Indigo said...

Thhhbbbppptttt to Alaina, she beat me to announcing the 26th. Congrats dear one! (Hugs)Indigo

Sam said...

I'm deeply honored to be a ginger snap. Hats off to you Ms. Ginger Grant.


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