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Sunday, February 1, 2009


In Miss Ginger's last post she referred to the Olsen twins as "looking like sleestacks", and at least one faithful reader was lost in her youth.
Sleestacks were the monsters on a (really bad) live action Saturday Morning children's show called "Land of the Lost." It was a stupid schtick with an obnoxious family lost in the past, and everytime they would find a way to escape, the sleestacks would show up and ruin it for them. As gross as the sleestacks were, even as a child I kinda found myself rooting for them because the family was so smarmy and disgusting in a 1974 kind of way. The 'stacks made this horrible, whistling wet breathing kind of noise that can most accurately be duplicated, if you care to do so, by parting your lips and sucking saliva back through your teeth. That sound horrified me a child and it horrifies me today. Kinda like the Olsen twins. And there was never one sleestack; they traveled in packs. And just when the family was about to make their escape back to whatever was their appropriate era, the horrified kids would squeal "the sleestacks!" Kind of like Miss Ginger does when she sees Mary Kate and Alice on E! Entertainment television.
Any way, you can see the resemblance between the 2 sets of creatures in the side-by-side above.
1. Both creatures have ridiculously huge, black-ringed eyes that never seem to blink or close.
2.Both creatures have enormous mouths with frozen expressions on faces that seem to remain motionless.
3.Both creatures have 2 sets of holes in the middle of their face where a human's nose would be.
I think the resemblance is uncanny!


David Dust said...

Miss G -

I'm watching the Super Bowl pre-game show, and they just showed Will Ferrel. He is starring in a new Land of the Lost movie, and just described the NEW Sleestacks as "sexy".

If they can make Sleestacks sexy, then maybe there's hope for the Olsen Twins.


Dannelle said...

I watched and remember the sleestacks very well thank you. They always waved their appendages (hands)in a weird way like they weren't sure if the costumes wouldn't fall off. And then thre were the bear like creatures that didn't make it on Star Wars. Dannelle
Distu: Distu shall pass...

Kaio said...

Hi Ginger, I like the Olsen twins hahahahaha
Have a great week ahead.
Cheers from London.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

OMG, I can not believe they are going to do a Land of the Lost movie. Will Ferrel, just goes to show how cheesy the original was :o)

Gotta go, feel the need to stick my finger down my throat and purge (just like the twins :o)

Beth said...

I had to google sleestacks and laughed out loud when I saw a picture. The Olsen twins DO bear a resemblance to the sleestacks! I'm with you on the big, unblinking eye thing. It's creepy. I wonder if they have to carry eye drops around with them at all times? They always seem to be posing, never natural. They really do creep me out.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

I'm with Ken- any movie with Will Farrell is enough for me to vomit... He even RUINED Bewitched, which could have been cute but instead was horrible! And I can believe they are going to waste the DVD's that film will be stamped on!

I SWEAR TO GOD my word verification is "condom"!

Anonymous said...

As a child, my mother made us watch Land of the Lost (she's a sci-fi geek, bless her heart) and I was terrified of the Sleestacks. Now I understand why I have nightmares about the Olsen Twins. Miss Ginger, you are so wise!

Sam said...

There they go screwing up an original. First the Dukes of Hazzard, now the Land of the Lost.
But I did love overbite "Holly" and those twins are worthless. They suck at acting, and fashion.

Coelha :B said...

Well, they both have real BIG

alnhouston said...

I loved "land of the lost" and i am still weirded out by sleestacks. your post showed up on my google homepage and i was icked out immediately. did anyone else have a crush on Will, the brother?

please be careful of criticism of the Olsen twins...i hear they are powerful, evil & vindictive


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