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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reality Bytes! (Spoiler Alert:Top Chef and RuPaul's Drag Race!)

America has a love/hate relationship with reality television- most people Miss Ginger meets have a firm opinion one way or the other. As you know, Miss G loves the "occupational reality" genre like Top Chef, Project Runway, and the ilk. She has no use for "True Skankholes of Anyolewhere" or "Who Wants to Be a Golddiger?"

I think what she likes about the occupational shows is that one often connects with specific contestants and finds their drama riveting, and also identifies contestants for whom they have no affection. So this was a "low/high" week for Miss G.

Ya see, on RuPaul's Drag Race, Tammie Brown was sent home. Miss G liked Tammie from the start, even though the other contestants seem to take an instant dislike to her. Tammie was different. She isn't a glamour goddess drag queen like RuPaul, but more a "character queen" like Brini Maxwell. She had a Lucy Ricardo meets Bette Davis style without being too "old school". Unfortunately, she wasn't "new school" enough to pull of a Destiny's Child lipsync, and pretty much threw the competition. That was kind of a downer for Miss G. And it leaves Akashia on the show, who needs to learn the first rule of drag: COVER UP WHAT AIN'T PRETTY!!! We don't want to see your flabby boy gut any more!

But then tonight on Top Chef, skank ho Leah FINALLY got sent home, due to her runny eggs and thin hollandaise. Give me a break- even Miss G can make eggs bendadick, even with a hangover! She deserved the loss and got sent packing! Good riddance for bad rubbish!


Beth said...

Ken and I are really bummed that "Hell's Kitchen" got moved to Thursday night, when our fave comedies are on. That show is so much fun, and I'll miss watching it this year.

But we're psyched about "Celebrity Apprentice!" Joan Rivers, Andrew Dice Clay...and Dennis Rodman?! Good golly! What a bitch fest!

I think you summed up the reality show dichotomy perfectly--the stuff like "Survivor" is old news, I really don't care to watch people swap wives or whoring themselves out to get "the bachelor," and I'm not into watching people raise a bunch of kids they had through in vitro fertilization.

But the shows where people have to actually work, and do tasks that show how well they can handle the job, I think are a lot of fun and very interesting. All the strategizing and allegiances in the world aren't gonna help you if you can't make a perfect Hollandaise, as you said!

Hugs, Beth

miss alaineus said...

before i forget, rich and i got in a fight about whether brini was a dude or not. i so knew i was right!!!


Anonymous said...

very cute super hero-the Atanta women are too much for me-I still like Surviver-The Nanny reminds why I do not have kids-you should watch the show Wipe-Out for real laughs-MBC

Joy said...

Beth, we will have to compare notes on Celebrity Apprentice.

Miss Ginger, I like that term "occupational reality" and will use that label for the genre I prefer as well. I can't stand those others either.

I am so glad Stankapotamus Leah finally left! This should have happened long ago! I'm glad Fabio and Carla made it to the finals! We all knew Stefan would.

Cover up what ain't pretty is what I try to do all the time, and Akashia definitely should have done it. I'm still sorry Victoria had to sashay, but Tammie sort of creeped me out for some reason. She did seem sweet, though.

Dan said...

I too was sorry to see Tammy go, I liked her.

Ar for Top Chef, that slut should have been gone a long time ago!

mistress maddie said...

I agree. I hated to see Tammie leave so early. I don't think the "new school" can apprecticate the "old school" so much. I don't think the queen these days are quite as creative with creating their image like years ago. It's almost like cookie cutter drags. Tammie has her niche and she should continue with it. She would fit in here in New Hope quite nicley. And I loooove Brini! I just posted about her for my diva of the week.


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