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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For David Dust: A Photo of the Mother Ship!

Here at the "W" Hotel in Atlanta, if I hook my right leg over the railing of the balcony, sling my body upside down, and reach as far as I can to the left, I am able to snap this photo of the Mother Ship:

That's right, biatch! It's the worldwide headquarters of Arby's Restaurants, Inc.!

Now who's the best Dust Bunny in the land?!


David Dust said...

I SWEAR TO YOU - I just choked on the fucking baby carrot I was eating. It it would have been a delicious curly fry, then I wouldn't have gagged.

Oh Miss Ginger, you have made my day!!!!!!!!!!

Check my blog later...


Adirondackcountrygal said...

I am so happy you didn't die for the cause!

Indigo said...

Your frigging hilarious hon! Sounds like David got a blast out of it too! (Hugs)Indigo

David Dust said...

Miss Ginger has won a coveted award...

CLICK HERE to find out what it is.

>P, b.

Sam said...

Damn Girl you inspire me

kayce. said...

LOLLLL!!! loves it and completely, 100% worth the dusty award! :))

PS: thx for the follow miss ginger!

Lisa said...

You are too amazing for words with this one!

Joy said...

You risked your life! I told David you should be Dust Bunny of the Month!

Berry Blog said...

Your photo on David's blog is simply the most beautiful I've seen. Absolutely captivating.l I'm enjoying your blog posts as well of course but I just cracked up over the picture of you ( I imagined full drag and a split dress) throwing a leg over the balconey. How sassy! Love it
xoxoxoxo Charlie


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