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Monday, February 2, 2009

Okay, Biatches! Start Your Recaps!

The first episode of RuPaul's Drag Race just aired, and Miss G has got to tell you, it was better than the hour long orgasm she expected!! First of all, Miss G is a fan of the "occupational reality" format that this show takes. 2nd, it's about drag. And 3rd, it stars RuPaul, the Goddess of the entire universe! If you don't know who RuPaul is, she is the woman Tyra Banks imitates for a living.

Miss G won't do the full play by play recap because her attention span is way too short for that kinda thing. But she'll hit the highlights.

The show starts, as do all reality genres, with the arrival of the contestants. They enter one by one in full drag, meeting each other (presumably) for the first time. Of course, as drag queens they are checking each other out, and as gay men they are "checking each other out", if you know what I mean.
First on the scene is Shanell, who looks kind Sheena Easton in her cast portrait, but is much prettier on camera. And as a boy, she has got the most beautiful turqwase eyes Miss Ginger has ever seen!

The queens spill in one by one, revealing them selves as Nina (the severe one), Rebecca Glasscock (the cutest as a boy), Ongina (the one Miss G thought would go home first), Victoria "Pork Chop" (no surprise a fomer Miss Continental at Large), and blah blah blah. Check out the cast roster on Logoonline for the full rundown.
First challenge: be photog'd by a sexy photographer while 2 black musclemen in speedos spray water on you and a car. Note to producers: wet drag queens are not sexy, they are just runny. Anyway, after the girls dry off they get to check each other out as boys for the first time. Cue the lesbian comments. Next, Boy RuPaul explains to them that their next challenge is to create their own outfit from thrift store clothing and dollar store crap. Oh, and the guest judge will be Santino Rice from Project Runway. I guess Tim Gunn was busy. Let the train wreck begin.
Ongina channels Biork. Nina channels the 80's. Victoria channel HR Puffenstuff. And Tammie Brown channels a package of Handi Wipes. By the end it's narrowed down to Akashia and "Pork Chop" who must go head to head in a "drag down smack down" lipsync of RuPaul's hit "Supermodel". Akashia is told to "Shante" (stay) and Pork Chop is asked to "Sashay" (away). So much for the fat queen! I guess Miss Ginger's hope of ever being a drag superstar sashayed away with Pork Chop- I'm pretty sure we wear the same size!
Anyway, if you don't have Logo, call your cable or satellite operator immediately. This show is pure genius! Oh, wait, that's on another network!


David Dust said...

OMG - you are SO right about Victoria "Pork Chop" channeling H.R. Pufenstuff! LOL!!

I love this show.

CLICK HERE for David Dust's RuPaul's Drag Race recap.


Beth said...

I saw Boy RuPaul on the Today Show yesterday, talking about this show, and thought it sounded like a lot of fun! I don't think we get Logo on our satellite, though. I'll check into it, because it sounds like a hoot!

Love, Beth

P.S. "Wet drag queens are not sexy, they are just runny." LOL!

Joy said...

I loved it and will watch every week! It's wonderful to get to see RuPaul totally in her element!

I thought Ongina would go home first, too, and wish Victoria could have stayed. Like David, I keep wanting to call her Orangina (which I wish I had right now).

You are a superstar, just not on tv YET! Maybe next time. You should audition for it.

miss alaineus said...

i loved your recap.

now who in the hell is hr spuffenstuff-- remember i was the little kid who grew up in 1970-back-in-the-day with treehugger parents who didnt believe in tv...



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