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Friday, February 20, 2009

Give Back a Smile!

Miss Ginger has meant to make this post for a long time and has finally remembered to do it when she is in front of the computer!

Have you ever heard of the "Give Back a Smile" program? It's a charitable foundation run by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry that restores the broken smiles of women affected by domestic abuse. Miss Ginger learned about it from her dentist, Dr. Randy Mitchmore, and I can tell you it's a cause for which he shows enthusiastic passion! Like most cosmetic dentists, he keeps photos of "before" and "after" cases, and these are often used with his client to determine the type of work they want to do. Flipping through his book, each time Miss G would come to one of the patients Dr. Mitchmore had treated through the program (there are many!) he would beam with pride and say "that's one of my ladies". Unlike bruises and bones, teeth won't heal after they have been damaged by abuse, and the work they need is often well beyond their means. Insurance typically won't cover it, because the services are considered "cosmetic" in nature. Their broken teeth and damaged bites can be a permanent reminder of the abuse they suffered, and makes it difficult to rebuild their lives and the self-esteem they so badly need!

Dr. Mitchmore and his colleagues donate their time, services, and materials to create FABULOUS smiles for these ladies that make them feel like a million bucks, at absolutely no cost to them! And this is no cheapy "quick fix", either! I've seen the photos, and these ladies get the "full meal deal", with movie star smiles if that's what they want!

I have great admiration for Dr. Mitchmore's commitment to this program, and he even serves on their board of trustees. Be sure to check out their site- and be sure to forward it to anyone you know who may need their services or wish to support the cause!


mistress maddie said...

Thanks for sharing. What a inspring thing to be part of. I'll spread the word!

miss alaineus said...

i will have to check it out tomorrow on break.

i am having a fat tuesday fete and then on wednesday i am going to mass and getting my asthes.


miss alaineus said...


you got thruck as a word verification!! i can think of all sorts of ways to use this but don't want to offend your gentle readers....


Anonymous said...

There is also a service to provide these women cell phones at no charge to contact the police-or used to be-through the Women's Center. MBC

Beth said...

Sounds like a great organization, and good for you for spreading the word!


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