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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flight of the Animals!

The extremely handsome Aaron Patterson is sponsoring a show for the Krewe that you simply MUST attend!
Miss Ginger first met Aaron last year when he was a candidate for Mr. Mint Julep, and was THRILLED to have the opportunity to crown him when he won! She was the extremely lucky Queen who got to crown both Miss and Mr. because my Mr. was AWOL. ( sung: something about sharing, something about always...)

Anyway, Aaron is sponsoring a show for the Krewe so, of course, Miss Ginger will be there "in her glory!" Actually, she's going to spend this weekend sewing some "glory", because most of the "glory" in her closet doesn't fit, and the "glory" that does fit has been too oft' seen! But, she's got a HUGE bolt of animal print fabric that should be perfect for this show!

Miss Sapphire Sewing Machine is supposed to go in for her annual checkup this month, but it looks like she'll be late. Don't you girls hate it when you're late?! Scares the bejeebus outta ya!

I hope missing her appointment doesn't void her warranty!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Free Arms and Dual Lights, my head is spinning :o)

mistress maddie said...

It's hell being too fabulous isn't it Miss G? Trying not to be seen in the same thing twice. Animal print would be nice. I love me some animal print.

Beth said...

I love it that you've named your sewing machine.

miss alaineus said...

that is the sexiest sewing machine i have ever seen!

what brand is it?

*brand* was actually my word!



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