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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Miss Ginger Chimes in on the Octubitch!

Today's headline reads "Police to Investigate Death Threats Against Octuplets' Mom". Oh, great! Now the crazy bitch will cost us even more money since we've got to use public police protection to keep her from being killed by people who resent what she has done!

This chick has got to be the most absolutely selfish, self-serving, clueless person on Earth! She already had kids she couldn't afford to raise, then she get's herself impregnated to have 8 more!? How the hell did she pay for that?

Of course they're born preemie, so our tax dollars are paying for neo-natal ICU- probably one of the most costly medical situations a family can find itself in. And she's in it x's 8. Of course, what does she care? She's not paying for it!

She's even had the AUDACITY to go online and set up a PayPal account for herself so people can make "contributions" to her to help her care for the children! WHAT??!?!?!? About the only thing I'd contribute to her is a sharp needle and some strong thread to sew her twat shut!

Miss Ginger can hardly believe she feels such anger toward this woman!! Usually her motto is "live and let live", but there's something about popping out 8 artificially conceived kids you can't afford that's just wretched! Some people are acting like "Oh this poor woman had 8 kids. Poor her!" Don't forget, nimnods, she's the one who planted the seeds! Now let her figure out how to deal with it!

And by the way, if she can't afford to raise her kids, how the hell did she pay for all that collagen she had put in her lips to make herself look even more like skank ho Angela Jolie?!


miss alaineus said...

miss ginger, that's not lipo, her lips are swollen from suckling at the breast of lady liberty, at the cost of the taxpayers like you and me of course....

norapa your head around that one.


mistress maddie said...

All I have to say is only in Americia! I'm as mad as you are Miss G. And miss alaineus,that comment has me rolling with laughter! "sucking at the breast of lady liberty" Ain't that the truth!

David Dust said...

You know what KILLS me about this? The right wing generally SUPPORTS this wacko bitch, because she's "respecting life" (which is a joke) and wanted to bring all of these eggs into being. These right wingnuts seem to be silent about all the public assistance (which they hate) this "family" will require.

But if this crazy Ho was a Lesbian?!?.... Can you IMAGINE what they would say then?!? It would be a whole different ball game.


Coelha :B said...

She looks like a combination of Angelina & Alanis ... I feel sorry for those little babies-my heart goes out to them---as for her-very selfish of her to do this to these little babies-- and to the six she has already. How can she possibly care for them, feed them, and give each of them equal attention? It makes you shake your head and wonder. I guess she is lucky she doesn't live in China.

Anonymous said...

The Nanny will surely have to visit her soon and then she will be on tv again-MBC

Beth said...

Go Ginger! Go Ginger!

This whole thing made me think of the comedian who talked about the woman who had sextuplets through in vitro fertilization. The woman said, "It was God's will." The comedian said, "Bullshit! God's will was that you have ZERO! You screwed it up!"

This is so messed up, and I can only hope that it results in stricter standards on IVF. This is absolutely the kind of thing that needs to be monitored and restricted. If we're ever going to whip our healthcare system into shape, nutty broads like this will not be able to pop out kids like a freakin' possum. UGH!!!!

Yasmin said...

Why anybody would want 14 children is beyond me and it's such a terrible waste of resources, the tax payer will be paying for this family forever.


Joy said...

How did she pay for the IVF? That is beyond expensive!! She makes me angry, too. What some people will do for attention and money!

theminx said...

Considering she lives with her parents who help her take care of the 6 kids she already has, why did they allow her to have any more?

Indigo said...

Whats even more surprising is they haven't found her mentally unstabled and taken any of her kids away yet. Are they afraid if they do she'll have another half dozen some how. I would rather taxes paid for the children's care now that they are here, than ever feed or support such a deranged human being.

Why haven't they taken those kids away yet(Hugs)Indigo


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