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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Glitter and Be Gay!

Miss Ginger LOVES glitter! It can make anything sparkly and more FABULOUS! Through her work with the Krewe, she has become quite the expert at glittering, and we buy it by the pound, literally! We have perfected many techniques for the application of glitter over large surfaces, including the "spray paint and shake" technique (only works for a light dusting) and the Elmers and acrylic paint mix to make a good "crust" of solid color on a surface!The secret to a perfect glitter application is to get a matching paint color under the glitter, so the correct color shows through instead of whatever the background color was! You can use tiny artist brushes for detail work (let touching colors dry before adding the next), or paint rollers to cover large areas quickly. And there are members of the Krewe who pride themselves on being able to create any color of the rainbow by shaking the appropriate colors of glitter together. 2 years ago, Miss Ginger had to make "raw meat"! That color took some practice!
Glitter can also be a pain in the ass! Sometimes it sticks to everything except what you want it to! Even though Miss Ginger has a strict "no glittering in the house" policy, it follows her in from the garage in a cloud, like Pigpen on a Peanuts cartoon! You would think it would be easy to vacuum it from a hardwood floor, but it gets a static charge that makes it cling for dear life! A Swiffer does a little better, but it still misses a lot! It ends up in the car. The driveway sparkles in the moonlight. I even find it in the cats' fur! By the time the ball gets here, Miss Ginger's buggers are sparkly!
But in one week, when the ball is over and broken down, we can begin the process of "degliterring" the house. Between Celia and me, we should be able to get it all out by April. Just in time to start preparations for Miss Mint Julep....... Oh, well!
I guess Miss Ginger is just destined to live a glittering life! She just wishes in wouldn't find it's way into every corner and crevice!


Beth said...

It sounds like glitter is like sand. After you take a vacation at the beach, you find sand in all kinds of crevices for weeks later. :)

Love, Beth

Dannelle said...

I let my girl scout troup use glitter when we did our version of Xanadu- they were skating around the audience with Bags of glitter confetti which took me two weeks to get off the polished cement floors of the camp dining room we borrowed- NEVER AGAIN! Dannelle
dehemer- I used my handy dehemer to remove the seam from the bottom of my skirt.

mistress maddie said...

The other thing I find from using glitter at work is that it is hard as hell to get off your face. Ai Christmas I used it and of course touched my face. That night I washed my face and then showered in the AM,and that damn glitter was STILL on my face. I looked like a pixie!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Oh no, now that you have written about it, it will follow you everywhere :o)


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