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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winehouse's TrainWreck®, er, StyleSession®

Miss Ginger's StyleSession® with British Pop/jazz singer Amy Winehouse left her a little depressed. It's a sad story of a pretty young girl whose life was ruined by fame and scrutiny. Truly, my heart goes out to Ms. Winehouse. The girl clearly has issues for which she needs help. Miss Ginger truly hopes she gets the help she needs.
Meanwhile, Miss Amy, here's something Miss G CAN help you with- that Train Wreck you call a "style"!
DO remember that you didn't start out as a freak of nature! You can be quite a striking beauty with appropriate styling!
DO work the 60's vibe hairdo! It works for you, and when correctly done, it's stylish, not weird!
DO wear cotton dresses- they are your friend! They give your very (very!) thin frame a bit of presence!

Speaking of thin, DO eat a sandwich every now and then! All those adult "treats" you enjoy make you look like you are not sufficiently nourished!
And now, Amy Winehouse, your fashion DONT'S:
DON'T wear a bra with a strapless dress- it's overkill. And it's not like you've got that much to hold up, anyway!
DON'T hang out with the Olsen twins- they do nothing for your fashion reputation! And the fact that there's more than one of them makes them look even more like sleestaks!
DON'T forget to add a stylish handbag when you go shoplifting, er, shopping! It will provide a finishing touch to your outfit and provide a place to stash your loot, er, groceries!
DON'T forget to steal, er, eat a sandwich!
DON'T wear outfit color-cooridinated to your beer can. It's gauche and pretentious!
I hope those of you who voted for Miss Winehouse are happy with Miss Ginger's presentation.
She is throwing up a little right now!


Beth said...

Oh Honey, you were working with a very skimpy palette when it comes to Ms. Winehouse! You did the best you could with the little gal, but I think she needs a bigger makeover than just style.

Honestly, it just sickens me to see someone so horribly skinny, probably anorexic. We all need to get past that ultra-skinny concept of beauty.

And OMG, did she seriously wear a bra with a strapless dress?!

Love, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

She never did do anything for me, and your pictures confirm that fact :o)

mistress maddie said...

Miss G- I knew you would give a colorful Style session on Winewarehouse,I mean Winehouse. That whyI voted for her. It is sad because she was at a time pretty. I have to admit I'm a fan of her music as I like jazz and she incorported it into mainstream music. But her look. I agree,I think I threw out a little! Geat job and funny as always. Now I must wipe my eyes from laughing!

Dannelle said...

So sad, little Miss Winehouse- a talent with no where to go unless reality kicks her in the tush- Dannelle

reepinta: I always love refried reepintas with my tortillas...

miss alaineus said...

what's a sleestak?

and i agree, she needs to put down the pipe and eat a sammich!


chylopl- the chemical in really good eyeliner that makes it not wear off after a couple of hours.

Indigo said...

You did a great job considering the palette. I never knew just how pretty she was before all the idiocies of her downfall.

If the woman ever got the help she truly needs, she would be one of the phenomenal people. (Hugs)Indigo

Yasmin said...

Amy is doing quite well now and has put on quite a bit of weight. fashion has never been her strong point and her birds nest has a life of it's own. Some great tips there, i have to say when she is in concert her dresses are great classix sixties cut killer heels, but alas prefers the unwashed look.


Sam said...

Love me some Amy winehouse, she's my second favorite drag queen.
Ms. G you are my all time favorite!

Coelha :B said...

You are hilarious Miss G! Poor Amy though---she looked so much better when she had a little meat on her bones! Poor girl.. Julie


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