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Monday, January 26, 2009

Miss Ginger's Next Celebrity StyleSession®!

From the looks of your comments, you GingerSnaps had as much fun with Miss Ginger's last style makeover as she did! Yasmin suggested Oprah for the same treatment, and I couldn't agree more! Leave a comment and let Miss Ginger know what YOU think of Oprah's style, and let her know which celebrity YOU would nominate for a Ginger Grant makeover!

DO keep things structured! This elegant gown hits you in all the right places and shows off your best ass, er, assets.

DO wear red- it's a great color on you!

DO play up your best assets! Those girls are fierce, and your decollate is one of your most attractive features. And guess what: our collarbones never get fat!

DO worship the trench shape, and shirtdresses that mimic the shape. It's sophisticated, it can be dressy or casual, it's comfortable and classy, and it's very tolerant of weight fluctuations! Face it, Opie- we all fluctuate!

DO keep it simple. This high quality, well-made white blouse is classic, classy, and attractive. The oversized collar keeps it from being too basic, and the exposed decollate is a real win for you!

DON'T disrespect the girls- ever! This bad knit dress smooshes them all into one big ugly uniboob! Lift and separate, girl! You're old enough to remember those Jane Russell commercials!

DON'T wear knits- especially on TV! They show shapes we don't want shown, and they tend to wrinkle, pucker, and gather in the most unflattering places!

DON'T forget to use the 3-way mirror in the fitting room! It's a girls best friend! Outfits that look great from the front may have bunches, folds, and uglies on the sides and back the are just magnified by television cameras and red carpets!

DON'T wear crazy collars or silly neck treatments. They're never as cute as they seem to be in the store! And we "play" with them all day, which is seriously unnatractive!

DON'T maintain your addiction to heavy metals! All these metallic and shiny fabrics you wear show every bump, wrinkle, crease, and fold you don't want shown. And television lights and flashbulbs always seem to bounce the light off of just the wrong place!

And finally, DON'T wear purple and ernge on the same outfit ever again! Promise me!

Miss Ginger LOVES her some Oprah, and hopefully the poor girl can get consistent with a style that will catch Stedmon, or Gail, or whomever she's chasing, and get them to settle down with her once and for all!


Beth said...

The picture (with the cream-colored dress and scarf) looks like a cross between Oprah and Bette Midler!

There's a suggestion for you: Bette. She can look so great sometimes, but has her bad moments, too.

This is a fun feature!

Love, Beth

miss alaineus said...

luv it luv it luv it!

do britney spears like you mean it---pppppleasse????

juverd- a young nerd


mistress maddie said...

Over all I think Oprah has a very chic sense of style and dresses very well for her size. Always very classy. And I don't think she needs to lose any weight .She looks healthier now. How about for the nex Style Session you do Amy Winewarehouse! That is, if you have the energy? He,He.


Yasmin said...

I love this but Ophara has worn some real horrors.

My other Candidate would be whoopi goldberg who i'm sure gets dressed in the dark, she's lost a lot of wieght and should show off her new figure.

I might have do do something like this with our British celebs


Anonymous said...

I love these Style Sessions! You are fabulous!

Dan said...

Sorry Miss G, but I am soo not a fan of Poperah. There is nothing she can do but go away that will make her stylish in my eyes!


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