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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Major Costuming- Day 3

After 3 full days of major costume construction, Miss G has to go back to the office tomorrow. She still has a few weekends to get this thing finished, and she thought she take a moment to let all you GingerSnaps see the magnitude of what she has undertaken by showing you some of her past costumes.

Her first Ball was 3 years ago (Ball 36) and the theme was "Menage a Deux- It Takes Two". All the costumes were, of gourse, famous pairs or duos. MB and Miss G were Lucy and Ethel, complete with a moving conveyor belt with chocolates and everything. It was a huge hit. Thankfully we designed tha huge thing to roll, so we didn't have to carry it on our backs!

For Ball 37, "Time Travelers", Miss G travelled back to the days when Joan of Arc played her travesty role. Joan had been done in a couple of balls before, but never being burned at the steak. er, uh , stake. Whatever. It was okay, but not my favorite one.

Ginger served as a lieutenant for Ball 38, so in addition to her major costume, she choreographed 2 choruses. It was a busy year for her. The theme was "Olympus at the Library", and her book was "Sex Eduation". She portrayed Nurse Goodbody.

Miss Ginger can't tell you what she is doing for Ball 39, because part of the fun is that no one knows the costume until the reveal. I can show you the magnitude of the structure that will support it, though. Speaking of Ball 39, can you believe the Krewe has existed for almost 40 years?! Check out the website for more info!


mistress maddie said...

Hey girl- I love the Lucy and Ethel years! That looks so good! And for this!But please tell me dear your not going to be a kite! What if a huge wind comes and takes you away from us Land of the Snaps? We would miss you.

Dannelle said...

Can't wait for the unveiling! Dannelle
glycl- If I don't take my glycl count I might pass out.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Looks like a major undertaking, hope you wear your hardhat while working on it :o)


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