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Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Still Out There....

Here's another interesting post from the Houston Chronicle- I'm linking the story because it's long, but I encourage you to read it, and especially the reader comments. God, people in Texas can be ingnorant, stupid, and backward.

One guy even says he hates people with HIV, because they are stupid and should be more like him because he is married and could never get it. Never? Really? Never ever? You are the only human on Earth immune to this horrid disease. So if your wife ever captured her sanity, realized what an asshat you are, and cheated on you, and her "homme d'amour" happened to be HIV+, you couldn't possibly catch that disease when she came back to you. So that makes it okay for you to be a hater. Glad to know how that works!

Back from the rant- here's the article!

Photo Credit: Julio Cortez- Houston Chronicle

Houston is one of 25 areas with high HIV infection rates that is involved in a national initiative from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to make testing for the virus a regular part of medical care — just like screenings for high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

There is no excuse for ignorance.

Beth said...

Whew, I could only take a few of the comments! And don't's not confined to Texas!!

I remember when the CDC recommended routine testing for HIV. All sorts of things like privacy issues and pre-existing conditions came into play. That really shouldn't matter now because HIV infection is treatable. Unfortunately, the stigma is still there, and there are a surprising number who still think that it's a "gay" disease. Just one more reason for supporting organizations like Planned Parenthood, who want to educate people!!

Great post, and thanks for sharing the article.

Hugs, Beth

Lisa said...

First, thank you for sharing the article.

Second, Ken is right. There is no excuse for ignorance.


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