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Friday, January 9, 2009

Who Will it Be?

According to the trusty sidebar to the right of the screen, Miss Ginger has 19 followers! Wow! That's a lot of people checking in regularly to see what's going on in Miss G's FABULOUS world!

BUT, it's not 20!!! 20 is a milestone! It's 1/5 of 100! It's 1/5 of Miss Ginger's age (just kidding!) It's 5x's Miss Ginger's age (mentally!)

Okay- here's the deal. In this world of electronic surveillance, Miss G has installed camera in many of your homes, and she knows there are a lot of folks out there who check her blog regularly who have not subscribed to follow! She uses satellite technology to scan your brainwaves, so she knows that you are thinking "I wonder if Miss Ginger has updated her blog". She has implanted microchips in your pets, so she knows that they are lonely while you log on over and over again to see if she has added to her wistful and wise diatribe!

Actually, she simply installed feedjit® on her own blog, so she sees when you are coming and going! She knows you are out there, checking in for updates and waiting patiently to find one!

But it could be so much easier! Just SUBSCRIBE as a follower! Then, you will receive email notices each time she updates. Plus, you will become an official and beloved GingerSnap, and can join the ranks of David Dust, Nutwood Beth, Miss Alaineous, and so many, many more prestigious individuals! But you have to follow publicly, otherwise you are just vapor in the blogosphere!

Following is easy- if you have a blogger account, just click the "follow this blog" link under the FABULOUS likeness of Miss G on the sidebar, follow the popups, and you are on your way!!! If you don't have a blogger account, go to www. and set one up! It's free, and then you can follow Miss G and all her blogoshere friends throughout Gingerland, the BunnyNation, and wherever Miss Alaineous and the drunk martini laden dog-walker takes us!

Who will be Snap #20??!


David Dust said...

Congrats on #20. Now lets work on getting you to 30.


Lisa said...

I totally agree!

Yasmin said...

one more to go cool but I also follow you on Facebook, so yes you could say that Big Brother is watching.


Indigo said...

Whoo hoo! 21 and rising. I've been following you for some time, so I was already on the bandwagon of snapping fun. (Hugs)Indigo

miss alaineus said...

join, join, obey.



the sound a sneeze makes when no one is around to hear it.


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