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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Miss Ginger's Bette Midler StyleSession®

The Divine Miss M is truly divine, and one of Miss G's favorite performers! Personally, Miss G loves her style, but dressing such a petite frame can be a challenge! Here are some tips for Bette:

DO show off the girls! They truly are divine, Miss M!

DO wear your hair up. It elongates your look and makes you look taller and leaner!

DO favor jackets that come to the middle of the hip or a bit lower, and DO wear jackets without collars. Both of these extend the line of the body and give the illusion of height.


DO work the 40's, Hollywood glam vibe! On your petite frame, it's cute and timeless
AND OF COURSE, no StyleSession® is complete without some DON'TS:
DON'T wear dresses that you swiped out of a dressing room in Branson, Missouri. Or off of a cruise ship!
DON'T wear jackets with large collars or double breasts! The scale is too large for your frame and you look like you are being swallowed by your clothes. And, it's just too matronly for you!

DON'T wear matte jersey, a fabric hereby selected as Miss Ginger as the least flattering and least glamorous fabric on Earth! Sure, it's comfortable and it travels well, but you're a DIVA, not a district manager for Lane Bryant!

DON'T wear high waisted pants. It makes it look like someone stole your boobs and set them on a stump!

DON'T forget your pants! We love you, but we don't wanna see your lady business!

AND FINALLY, DON'T forget to look in the mirror. And when you do, if you see Bernadette Peters, or Meryl Streep, for God's sake, take your clothes off and start over!


Yasmin said...

I enjoyed that, how about Julia Roberts.


miss alaineus said...

lol at the 'lady business'.


i dont know where she ventsi?

Beth said...

"DON'T wear high waisted pants. It makes it look like someone stole your boobs and set them on a stump!"

ROFLMAO! I'm going to be laughing about this the rest of the day!!!

I think I learned a couple of things here myself. I'm definitely not curvaceous like Miss Bette, but I am petite. It can be kind of a struggle to find things that don't make me look like a Munchkin. One thing that I do occasionally wear are suits with double-breasted jackets. I might have to rethink that.

I also don't wear very wide-legged pants, especially ones where you can't see my shoes. It makes me look like my feet have been amputated and that's why I'm so short! LOL I do wear jeans and pants with a slight flare, but they don't cover my shoes.

On the rare occasion that I do dress up, I tend to like somewhat clingy dresses that have a short, slightly flared skirt.

I hope I'm not making myself look shorter!

I think Yasmin's suggestion for the next session, Julia Roberts, is a good one. I've seen her in some really oddball outfits!

Hugs, Beth


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