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Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Spray Waffles" Get the Thumbs up From Local GingerSnaps!

Always the first to bring you late breaking news on all things culinary, Miss Ginger and the 'snaps are please to report that "Spray Waffles" get a big thumbs up! Miss G discovered them on her last trip to Sam's Club, and they just looked too fun to pass up!
What she's talking about is a product called Batter Blaster, which come in a can very similar to whipped cream. According to the package instructions, the product "makes breakfast a blast"! "Just blast batter into a skillet or waffle iron and serve!" But would it work? And would it taste good? Inquiring GingerSnaps wanted to know!

After preheating the iron, Miss G brushed the grids with oil and blasted away. After she released the batter from the can, it continued to expand, kind of like that styrofoam stuff from Home Depot that you use to seal the cracks around windows! Ugh, what a mess as the stuff oozed out the sides of the waffle iron. When Miss G opened the appliance, there was half a waffle stuck to the top and half a waffle stuck to the bottom. She peeled it off with a fork and tried again. After a while, she learned to control the amount of batter, keeping the entire waffle centered within the non-stick grids of the waffle iron, and they released easily each time.
As for their taste, the GingerSnaps all gave them a resounding thumbs up. Miss Ginger found them to be crispy and light on the outside, but the insides were perhaps a bit chewier than she would like. Considering their simplicity and ease of use, they are definitely a product worth trying. And the package is right- I'm pretty sure kids would find them "a blast!"


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Who'd of thought of spray waffles :o) Glad you had a nice breakfast. Have a great nap.

Beth said...

I've never heard of such a thing. Who knew? Lots easier than whipping up batter, though, especially on the morning after a big party!

Kind of scary that it looks so much like a whipped cream can, though...I can totally imagine some little ankle biters spraying whipped cream onto a waffle iron...!

Hugs, Beth

miss alaineus said...

that's a hell of a waffle iron you are wielding their lady!

it looks more hi-tech then my honda!



my head hurts. mongi need some motrin !

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Interesting product!

mistress maddie said...

It reminds me of a can of Redi whip! Probably wouldn't be good in the bedroom like Redi whip though.

Yasmin said...

Spary Waffles whatever, glad you finally got the hang of it, we don't really eat a a lot of waffles here

Anonymous said...

you can make PANCAKES with Batter Blaster too!


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