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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Miss Ginger's Work is Done!

If all the GingerSnaps keep this up, Miss G will be out of a job! Ya see, 2 of the items that Miss G needed to cover have now been taken care of by other bloggers! Sometimes procrastination pays!
Str8upwithatwist posted some great pics of the Krewe of Olympus 12th Night Party (even though it didn't "technically" fall on 12th Night!) For you new 'Snaps out there, check out the Krewe website and see what we're all about! Our big Black Tie event is coming up February 7th. Invites are ready to mail, so if any of you local 'Snaps need an invite, be sure and let Miss G know quickly!
This coming weekend, Miss G will attend the coronation of her dear friend Miss Kimberly O'Neil, and (hopefully) witness the naming of Marcia Mink as her heir apparent. As Empress of ERSICSS, they and their Emperor are the Royal Sovereign, and will rule over the realm of the Imperial Court of the Single Star. There's lots of pomp, pageantry, and protocol, and it's sure to be the glitziest event the airport Sheraton will ever see! Anyway, Mistress Borghese gives a great history lesson on the Imperial Court on her blog, so check out all of these links! The International Court System is the world's largest Gay fundraising organization, and represents realms and baronies around the world!


Beth said...

Ooo, wish we were in the area, we'd hit you up for an invite!

Sounds like lots of great fundraising going on, and I hope you rake in the dough for charity.


Dannelle said...

You are a gem of a spokeslady Miss G. Wish I could attend- such fun and worthy too! Dannelle

wourra: dontcha wourra your wee mind about it-

David Dust said...

Now if I could just get Timmy and Maddie to post some pics of Hot Papis, I wouldn't have to blog either... :)

I'm glad you told us what ERSICSS stood for, I had meant to ask you.


mistress maddie said...

I love these things don't you Miss G.I went to the Night of a Thousand Gowns once,and what a spectaclaur event. I'll never forget it. It's fun to don a stunning gown and get gussied up don't you think so. And glad to hear you finished your ensemble.I can't wait to see the pictures.


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