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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Post Coronation Post

Miss Ginger is back from the ERSICSS Coronation and has to say she had a lovely time. These things have been known to go on until 2 or 3 in the morning, but this year, Mistress of Protocol Crystal Rae Lee Love kept things on a tight schedule and kept the microphone out of the hands of babblers! We had new Empress and Emporer Elects by 11:30pm, and Miss G was in bed by 12:20. A record, I'm sure!
It was a special night for ERSICSS as they named their 25th aspirants to the throne! In honor of their Silver Anniversary, the Queen Mother of the Americas, as recoginized by the International Court System, was in attendance, and she announced several recognitions in honor of Houston's 25 years of participation in the International Court System. Miss Ginger was very pleased that she chose to recognize 2 Houston organizations outside of the Court System, for their support of the court and their efforts to support the community. One was the Colt 45's, a very worthy leather/levi oriented service organization, and the other was the Krewe of Olympus- Texas, Inc! It's very rare for the Courts to formally recognize any group outside of the system, and especially a group that elects a King and Queen. It's nice when organizations can work together!
Anyho- I promised pics, so here they are:
SonnaMae excorted Miss Ginger for the evening, and here they are together at the table:

Miss Ginger's sister, ShyAnne, was last year's Empress and this year's board President, so she was a busy girl all weekend! Miss G grabbed an opportunity to snap a photo with her right after a costume change!

And finally, after Kimberly Ann O'Neil and Bob Skinner were crowned Empress and Emporer 24, the names of the aspirants were announced. Marcia Mink Ann Gill was unnapposed, and was approved by the community for Empress. Miss G grabbed a chance to snap a shot with her earlier in the evening.

After a long, hard year of fund raising and fun raising, Marcia and her consort, JP Gill, will be crowned the 25th Monarchs of all of Houston.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you had a nice evening and that it did not babble on, and on, and on, and on...

miss alaineus said...

the glam...ooooooooohhhhhh i so love it love it love it!!!

terol out the red carpet for dames as hot as y'all!

it's almost 20 here today. heat wave!


David Dust said...

Girl -

I have to say - you look FLAWLESS. And I bet you were wearing a girdle and a slip - like a proper lady should.


mistress maddie said...

Miss G you looked so elegant in your fur wrap and gown! Maybe we ,along with David should do a Night of a Thousand Gowns some year! I have got three more emails from members there since my post! We could take it by storm. Glad it was a good evening!

Beth said...

What a great evening, and it was fun to see pictures! I love love love your white stole!

Hugs, Beth

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I would LOVE to do Night of 1000 Gowns! That would be awesome! I'll have to find out if Marcia and JP are going to court in New York- I'm sure they'd let me tag along!
I loved that stole, too, and in case anyone is wondering, it's 100% virgin acrylic. Miss G is way to big an animla lover to borrow their clothes without asking!


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