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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Miss Ginger Opines on Top Chef-

Miss Ginger doesn't have the time, memory, or inclination to give a full-blown recap of last night's Top Chef, plus, this season and last night's episode were not particularly worthy of that investment anyway. However, Miss G has a meatloaf in her KitchenAid UltimaCook® EasyBake oven as we speak, and that's making her feel all Top Chefish, so she thought she share some opinions.
Radish-ka went home last night. I'm surprised Miss Curried Bread Pudding made it as far as she did. I knew she was toast when she won the QuickFire® and had to "own" the restaurant, Savasna. Which means "to sleep in yoga class". Her restaurant and cuisine was a bore.
I personally think Scallop Slurping Jamie will be the next to go. Anyone can serve "fresh, seasonal foods, presented simply". It's called shopping the produce aisle! Tom hates her, I can tell.
As cute as I think Fabio is, his Olive Oiliness can only slime him so far. Who fucks up an amuse bouche? He does what he does well, but so does Olive Garden®. He's next after Jamie.
Next will be Crazy Carla. I like her, for the karma factor if nothing else. She's like one of those bug-eyed good luck dolls you buy at a voodoo store: they're ugly, in a cute sorta way. If a positive spirit could keep a person in the game, she'd be there to the end. But it can't, and she won't.
Leah and Hosebag sucked face on the couch. Then they just sucked. That fish looked just plain nasty! I think Hosebag cooked some kind of pig. Appropriate. One of them will go after Carla, and that will leave the survivor pitted against Jeff and Stefan in the final 3.
It makes me puke in my mouth a little to predict that Stefan will win. Neither Hosebag nor Leah should have made it to the final 3, so whichever one does definitely will not win. Jeff is a little too "safe", and Stefan has just enough asshole badboy in him to pull it off. Plus, I think he's had more education and experience. And even though I know he is DD'd heartthrob, I just can't warm up to him.
But there you have it: Miss Ginger's prediction of the TopChef New York winner. Who do you think will win?


David Dust said...

Stefan is just my friend, Fabio is my "heartthrob".

I don't think Leah will be around long - I also don't see Jeff being around either (he still hasn't won anything - quickfire or elimination). I think it will be Stefan, Jamie, and either Hosea or Fabio in the final three.


Beth said...

I have no desire to watch the show, but I'm totally addicted to your assessment of it! ;)

Hugs, Beth


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