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Monday, March 9, 2009

RpDR- The Final 3!

We're down to the Final Three on Rupaul's Drag Race, and Miss G has to say she's a little surprised that one of the three made it! This won't be a recap- so if you haven't seen the episode, check it out at

Miss Ginger KNEW that Nina Flowers would make it to the final 3. That girl has personality! And even though her look is often severe, she showed her versatility tonight as she transformed herself into a more realistic persona. Her evening gown in the final round worried me, because it really was not very pretty, but was clearly well made, and it did suit her persona.

Bebe Zahara Benet may be a contender for the prize. She totally gets the concept of "elegance", and she knows what looks good on her. She exudes class, and Miss Ginger thinks that's important for America's Next Drag Superstar!

Shannel had it going on until the last minute, in Miss G's humble opinion. The girl is gorgeous, and in her "executive" outfit she looked just like Kirstie Ally! The editors kinda foreshadowed the ending when they started showing all those clips of her whining about how she had been judged unfairly, or how she felt like she should have one a challenge that she lost. The girl has self-esteem somewhere in the stratosphere- you gotta hand her that! Of course, maybe that's where she works- at the Stratosphere!

But when she was the fourth to answer the question "who would you send home" and she said she wanted to go home because she felt like she had been judged unfairly, Miss G just had to roll her eyes and mutter "drama queen!" I'm not sure how that played into Ru's decision, but I have to say that when she and Rebecca "lipsync'd for their lives", Shannel looked like someone's grandma out there trying to be "cool". It was a terrible performance, and Rebecca may have cinched it there if she wasn't ahead already!

And speaking of Rebecca Glasscock.... Her makeup is never blended as skillfully as the other girls. Her wardrobe tends to be bland and very "off the rack". Her wigs look like they came right out of the bag. She totally had a meltdown in the "Media Mogul" challenge. Yet she survives, episode after episode. Miss G is bewildered. I get that the girl has "potential". But this is about Cleverness, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent. There is no "P" in there. And if there is, you'd better head to the gyno, stat! Or is that the urologist? Oh, hell, sometimes even Miss G gets confused!

Anyho, now we're down to Nina, Bebe, and Rebecca. Or in Miss G's mind, we're down to Nina and Bebe. And she thinks Bebe will win. Who do you think will win? And who will get Miss Congeniality? I think that will be Ongina.


mistress maddie said...

It was a very good show and highly entertaining. Nina yet again looked sharp as a tack. That swim outfit was stunning and I just love her personality. Now, my friend told me who wins through a connecton he has. I don't know if I beleive him but it is shaping up that way. We will have to see. And the reunion will be entertaining I'm guessing has well.

Sam said...

Wow! What high drama, talk about "Dynasty" without the pool fights. Look, It really looks like Bebe is the clear favorite, my only hope is that Nina does win. As for Rebekah, she was toast until Ms. Las Vegas opened her trap.

David Dust said...

I LOVED last night's episode - especially since they constantly referenced one of my favorite movies - Paris Is Burning.

Rebecca needs to go the F*CK home.


miss alaineus said...

cleverness, uniqueness, nerve and talent......


you have a gift gingie, you have a gift!


if i ebraphop some popcorn i am not getting jiffy pop!

Joy said...

Sometimes I think Nina and other times Bebe. I was surprised about Rebekah.

Oh, and last night they answered some of my questions about cleavage when I watched Nina getting dressed.

Beth said...

Echoing Alaina's comment...I like the requirements!

Mark in DE said...

I'm voting for Nina now, but I will miss Shanel's eyes.

Joy said...

I like Shannel's eyes.

Dan said...

this is a tough one, I like Bebe and Nina. Rebecca Gagcock needs to go away!

Berry Blog said...

It may not be a recap per se but I like how you presented it...contestant by contestant. Made it a lot easier for me at least.


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