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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Starting a Collection for David Dust-

No, honey, don't send any money! Although I'm sure he would love that if we did! But I think would should help him collect photos of every Arby's in America! It will be easy- we drive past them all the time! So pull out that camera phone and snap a photo! And while you're their, pull in and get some of those new loaded potato bite things they have! They're kind of like a McDonald's hash brown but they have cheese and bacon in them... heavenly!

Wait, I got off-track. So snap a picture of Arby's in your neighborhood, on your way to work, etc. Let's start by trying to get an Arby's in every state! We already have the world headquarters in Atlanta!
So here's Arby's in West Oaks Mall, Houston, TX.

David: you have to check them off as we 'snap em!


miss alaineus said...

we have a couple that still have the very old skool neon signs if i remember correctly!

americas roast beef, yes sir!

one lessith would of made that last star wars movie boring.


Joy said...

Sam got mine on video when he drove by, but I'll send one, too! Great idea, Miss Ginger! Love it!

David Dust said...

I'm LOVING the idea! Maybe I'll take the subway out to Queens this week, and snap a picture there.

BTW - bonus points for getting yourself in your Arby's picture!


David Dust said...

...and BTW - the cash idea was good too...


Sam said...

I'm going to one up your idea Ms. Ginger. Well need David's help though. I'll offer a grand prize award for the most submitted photo's from different Arby's. But everyone knows I'll win, I bet I pass a million of those hats a day. FYI the new mini egg rolls are the bomb.

David Dust said...

Mini Egg Rolls?!?!?!? Oh Lord ... I need to get to Arby's SOON. I loves me some mini egg rolls!


Beth said...

Great idea, and I'll have to think about where the closest one is. There used to be one at the gas station up at a nearby corner. No longer. :(

Anonymous said...

Do I get extra points for pics with my kids? Because taking them inside a restaurant deserves hazard benefits!

Mark in DE said...

To whom do we send our Arby's photos? You? David?


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