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Friday, March 20, 2009

Phone a Friend!

Miss Ginger is lingering at 39 followers! Can't somebody "phone a friend" to get her over the hill?

Speaking of phoning, Miss Ginger has been accused of "phoning it in" when she blogs about articles from the Houston Chronicle. But really, sometimes she's feeling bloggish and there's nothing going on in her little life, but there's always something in this big city that her readers will find interesting, and it's not like they read the Chron every day!

Here's an article that Miss G find's intriguing, so let's put on our Miss Marple hats and figure this out.
This middle eastern kid who is a student at University of Houston calls his mom on a Friday evening and says he's leaving school and will be to their suburban home in 30 minutes. He never makes it, and he goes missing for like 2 weeks. The police look for him, but they have no leads, so they stop looking after one day. Fast-forward 2 weeks to yesterday, and some chick stops by an auto repair shop where she had parked her SUV 2 weeks earlier to have it repaired. She goes to get something out of the car, and when she opens it up she finds this kid dead in the driver's seat. On the passenger seat is some sort of booklet all burned up, and some of the plastic has melted, but the car is pretty much intact. The kid has died of smoke inhalation. The police investigate a bit and discovered that the kid had used a credit card earlier that night at Rich's, a nightclub which is sometimes gay and sometimes not and Miss Ginger can't really even keep track anymore. (Coincidentally, this is the club where Miss Mint Julep and the Mystery/Fantasy ball are held!)
The police visit the club and find surveilance video of the kid leaving the club alone, and they interview friends of his that say "yes, indeed, we did see him at Rich's that night." (Where were these kids 2 weeks ago when this all began?!)
Now meanwhile, this kids has missed a court appearance for a burgulary charge, so there's a warrant out for his arrest.
With all these random pieces of the puzzle dangling out there, the police have decided that it was either suicide or accident and they don't think any foul play is involved. What do YOU think?


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Something sure does not smell right about that story.

Timmy said...

When Click 2 Houston Your Education Station first started reporting on the story they did state early on that he had been at Rich's...which later referred to as Richard's. What I find odd is that the car had been at Austin & Hadley all of this time and no one smelled a dead body? Not that I ever have but I have watched CSI and I know that bodies decompose and have a stench so how could you not smell a dead body? Just askin'.

miss alaineus said...

i find it kinda odd too. we need matlock!


hey wanna go outside and chroa frisbee around?

Anonymous said...

I would say that he was involved somehow w/the 2 guys that did not show up for court or knew that they had committed a crime and was going to snitch-body was moved to girls car at auto shop, or perhaps someone at the car shop was involved in illegal acivity also-need some more facts. MBC

Wonder Man said...

there's something going on here

Bob said...

Sounds fishy to me.
Why would he call his folks and say he was coming by and then kill himself?
Why did his friends not mention he was going to a club?
And I agree with Timmy. The smell? In the car? Somebody would have to have smelled that?
All too suspect, if y'ask me.

kayce. said...

i think he was trying to get rid of some kind of evidence by burning it (pamphlet used to start the flame + burned plastic [a credit card?]) and just made the simple mistake of doing it inside the car.

@Timmy like you, i am using my made-for-tv detection skills, but bodies only smell really badly for a day or two (apparently). once the rigor mortis fully sets in, they don't smell as badly. plus, some bigger auto repair places (idk if this one is or not) have big lots where they keep cars waiting to be fixed i.e. not somewhere people would go regularly. that said, the fact that he was there for so long w/ out discovery IS odd: i can't decide if i think it's coincidence or what.

Beth said...

Hmm, I think a dead body would still be smelling pretty ripe for a while. In one hospital I worked in, the lab was right by the morgue in the basement. The bodies they'd find in the woods, or after a few days of being undetected in a residence...well, that odor would just permeate the hallways. There's no mistaking it, and no getting away from it.

Too much information?

Yes, I think something is afoot here, Sherlock.

Hugs, Beth

Sam said...

He's middle eastern? possibly gay? Possibly a criminal atleast with the charge of burglary? O.K. I may be stretching here just alittle, but being gay will get you a death sentence by family in Middle Eastern society. Being charged, or convicted of criminal charges also brings with it disgrace to your family. Easily a reason for someone from a strictly relegious middle eastern family to spare their family dishonor. The only thing that causes me some disconcern is the amount of substance burnt to cause the smoke inhalation. How much smoke inside a vehicle would be enough to kill you?
I'm going rule out suicide, and homicide right off the bat. I feel maybe that it was purely an accidental death due to smoke inhalation. Wish we knew just how intoxicated he was at the time, we know he had drinks earlier at the club. I think if someone meant on killing the kid, they would have torched the vehicle completely. I've read of people dying from the simpliest of things.

Anonymous said...


Coelha :B said...

I believe the body was put in there way after the fact.. Sad story--I don't really believe it was a suicide either. Seems like the kid was running away from something/someone.. Julie


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