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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Miss Ginger Makes Lemonade!

Today could have been a really crappy day but it actually turned out okay!

First off, Miss G had to work in College Station today, which is not her favorite agenda! The store is like an hour and a half away, and it's old, tiny, and dumpy. So Miss G got her Starbuck and hit the road, and as she past the last of Houston's strip malls and got into open country she realized it was bluebonnet season! If you've never driven on Texas highways during bluebonnet season, you really should put it on your list. It's not as fabulous as fall leaves, I'm sure, but this was a really good year with perfect conditions, so the roadsides are covered with clouds of blue blossoms!
Once she got to Aggieland, she reached into her bag to pull out her laptop, and soon realized she didn't have the power adapter. Mentally retracing her steps, she realized she must have left it at the Hyatt Regency after she made a presentation at an awards banquet yesterday, so she was SOL at that point. But luckily, the HR Admin who had worked with the banquet staff at the hotel had retrieved the cord, so Miss G just had to pick it up at the office after she got back into town.
As she was returning to Houston, the skies darkened and we had one of those rainstorms that can only happen on the Gulf coast! The world turned black, and windshield wipers can't wipe fast enough to provide much visibility. Miss G inched her way into downtown, and realized she was lucky, because the store was still open, so she could walk from the parking garage to the store in the underground tunnel and not get soaked on the streets. Another silver lining from a really gray cloud!
When she got to her desk, sitting right next to the power cord was a box from Harry and David that Miss G knew contained the thoughtful gift basket sent by everyone's favorite blogging trucker, Tugboat! So it was a great day, with no frustrations and no upsets! "Better living through chemicals", Miss G always says!
Oh, and a postscript for DD, who commented on Miss G's last post that Miss G was inviting a stalker by publishing her performance schedule: "Gurl, don't you a know a stalker is every drag queens dream come true?! Finally, she gets the undivided attention she so richly deserves!!!"


miss alaineus said...

someone gave me a potted hyacinth, to me that is the smell of spring!

i am glad you got your cord back and didnt have to buy a new one.

most of all i am glad you ended up having a less worse day then you thought.


shypings- the covert looks you give boys you think are hot out of the corner of your eye as you pretend to be madly busy working on something intense.

David Dust said...

Miss G -

I wouldn't mind a stalker or two myself. :)

And believe it or not, I HAVE seen the bluebonnets in Texas. We drove for hours and hours and hours from San Angelo (where the GrandBunnies reside) to "Hill Country". Very pretty - and we got to stop at A Dairy Queen about every 3 hours!


Beth said...

I've never seen the bluebonnets, but I hear it really is quite a sight. One day!

Glad your day turned out to be better than you thought it was going to be. Way to find the silver lining...a girl after my own heart!

Hugs, Beth

Wonder Man said...

I have seen them down south

Bob said...

The Bluebonnets are beautiful.
Sounds like a good day, though, all the way around. The good outweighed the bad.
I must admit, when I saw your headline I thought you were giving a lemonade recipe!

kayce. said...

a (non-violent) stalker is EVERY girl's dream come true, LOL. as long as i lived on the gulf coast, i never did make it to texas, but blue bonnet season seems like a good enough excuse to me. :))

i am glad your day turned out so well ~ i love those unexpected surprises!

Sam said...

I've seen the bluebonnets so many times they are Oz like, usually their are tons of people all dressed up taking pix on Sundays out in the fields. Enjoy your basket ho, Are you in the running for Ms. Mint Julep?

Dan said...

I want a stalker, but then again, I am such a controll freak, I would want to hand pick my stalker, and I dont think it woorks out that way.

mistress maddie said...

Bluebonnet season sounds beautiful. I have family in Katie Texas and you think I have ever been? I have been invited several time, just didn't make it yet. Bluebonnet season sounds like it could be a drag event to me! Take care hon!

Berry Blog said...

Hilarious sequence of drenching events....and you emerged unscathed. What a heroine.
Blue doesn't happen for us up here until the lupines come up...those tall purple

Joy said...

I thought I commented on this but must have typed the word verification wrong and didn't check on it.

I haven't seen bluebonnets but would like to. Maybe I'll get to Texas sometime and see everything there I want to, including you! :-)

I saved the photo of Mama G and still can't get over how much we resemble each other. Did you think so from that actual picture on FB?


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