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Monday, March 23, 2009

Miss Ginger Hopes Her Squeal of Delight...

didn't deafen you when she found out that RuPaul's Drag Race would be a "double D" cup tonight with the finale episode AND a reunion show! Methinks Miss G has died and gone to heaven!
SPOILER ALERT- If you ain't watched your DVR'a yet, what the hell you waitin' for? Stop reading and go watch, or Miss G's gonna spoil it for ya!
Miss G got kinda nervous for a while toward the beginning of the show when the producers started really pumping the whole Rebecca Glascock thing. It's like, on Top Chef, you can tell who's going home after the 1st 15 minutes because they keep showing the same person in various stages of vulnerability. But this is RuPaul, so I was really worried they were going to f%$k with us! Turns out, Rebecca was a loser wiht a capital "L"! And if the screwed up challenges and being late for her video weren't nail in the coffin enough, her tic tac lunch with Ru was enough to put her Six Feet Under.
I loved me some Nina Flowers all along! She's such a sweetie, and a truly beautiful person. When I saw her look in the first episode Miss G thought "Oh, I'm not gonna like her!", but she quickly won me over with her humor, soul, style, and her clever sense of self. I think we will see more of Miss Nina Flowers on national TV. I certainly hope so!
On to the reunion show, Miss G was charmed by Pork Chop and a bit disappointed in Miss Tammie Brown. Pork Chop was charming, gracious, and elegant. Tammie, who Miss G resespects for her respect of 40's glamour, came across a bitter, shallow, and tacky. Miss G is no longer a fan, she hates to say.
And then there's Shanell. God love Shanell! How many people do we know like her, who are blessed with the beauty of a goddess, the talent of a Barrymore, and the self-esteem of a circus flea! She is a hot man and a gorgeous babe, but she is so insecure that she needs to be told that 24/7? Honey, we didn't get into this because it would make the world love us! We got into it to say to the world: "go f&^^k yourself if you don't like what you see!" You need to practice the lipsync to this song, girl:

Anyho, Miss Bebe Zahara Benet won the crown, and I think she totally deserved it. She had poise, talent, and showmanship (showwomanship?) beyond compare, and she showed versatility, class, and style! Plus, she showed "Cleverness, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent",
which is what the world looks for in a drag queen!
Congrats, Miss Bebe Zahara Benet! I consider it an honor to call you "my Queen!"


miss alaineus said...

i still cant get over the whole cleverness, uniqueness, nerve and talent thing....that's just pure genius missy miss!k

now i need to get the crizelid off of my eyes and get my butt in gear to get to work-- got to got maximize my copier time!


Dan said...

I was so glad to see them say they mae a mistake with Glasscock!
I havnt watched the reunion show yet, that will be tonight after Idol.

Char said...

WOW, what a show. Such beauty and talent. Now I gotta get off my butt and get busy. thanks for sharing.

Wonder Man said...

I agree, BeBe is the Queen

mistress maddie said...

Hey Miss G, It was a good show wasn't it? So my source turned out to be true about Bebe winning. I found this out half way through the show but kept routing for Nina anyway. Nina, I was still hoping, would have won, but Bebe is very elegant and beautiful. I still am not sold on her connecting with a audience yet though. I'm now ready for season two!

Sam said...

Thanks you for the rundown. I wanted Nina to win.

David Dust said...

Miss Tammie Brown looked and acted INSANE. What was up with the accent and the headband?!?

CLICK HERE for my recap/thoughts/smacktalk.



Joy said...

I feel the same way you do about all of them! I like that! I told all of you that Tammie creeped me out! The reunion show was the best!


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