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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Slow News Day!

Not a lot to blog about- can't even find a juicy story in the Chronicle to get me riled up! There were a few tidbits, but I just can't too excited about them- maybe Miss Ginger is overmedicated!
So here are the headlines- in a tranny flash!
Dateline Galveston- some asshole held the door open at "the Undercurrent" while some other asshole threw rocks in. 3 queens got bonked on the head, but the bitches that hang out there are such drunks they prolly didn't feel it. The police are calling it a hate crime.
Dateline Dallas- some asshole jumped out of an American Airlines plane after it landed at DFW while it was waiting on the tarmac. Just bussed right up past those stewardesses that were sitting there, moved that huge honkin' handle all by himself before anyone stopped him, and slip down the ensuing slide into the waiting arms of 2 luggage handlers who hauled him to the cops. I guess he's in the pokey now.
Dateline Canada- some asshole who chopped a mans head of on a Greyhound bus and then ate him in front of all the other passengers plead "not guilty". The devil made him do it. Swear to God! (He ain't from these parts!)
Dateline Huntsville- some asshole who murdered an old lady at gunpoint was put to death by lethal injection. We do that here in Texas. Hope he got a fair trial, 'cause there ain't no going back now!

Not the greatest news, but I don't make the shit up, folks. I just report it!
This is Miss Ginger Grant, saying "Good night, and good riddance!"


Joy said...

And Blago got a book deal.

That's gross about the Greyhound bus guy.

Beth said...

Wow, it was an A-hole fest today. Including, as Joy mentioned, Blago.


Bob said...

Truth really is stranger thasn fiction.

Anonymous said...

Do you watch the Bachelor-if-he chose one-asked her to mary him-took it back 6 weeks later and then asked his 2nd choice for another chance-got it-what is her problems or is it his-just a thought. MBC

Sam said...

Hey, did I miss something? No one sad jack about RuPaul drag race, and ongina going home. Whats up?

Coelha :B said...

Lol...thanks for making me laugh! :)

Berry Blog said...

Even when you don'tthink you have anything to say you are still entertaining.


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