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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Weekend in the Closet!

Boy Ginger has spent almost the whole weekend in the closet! No, he hasn't made a shocking lifestyle change, other than that he's not going to live with Miss Ginger's clutter anymore! Ya see, Jimbo and Dan both posted shots of their newly organized closets, and it made Boy G think "dayum, I'd hate for anybody to see my closet right now! At least not Ginger's side!" In addition to sharing a body (most parts of it, anyway) Ginger and the Boy share a huge walk-in closet, custom built when the house was remodeled a few years back. Boy G is pretty good about keeping his side neat, and Celia does his laundry and puts it back perfectly so his side stays pretty organized. Miss Ginger's side is another story! She typically comes home drunk and tired, throws her clothes, shoes, and bag in a corner and doesn't touch them again until the next time she's getting ready for a show and thinks: "I wonder where my boobs are?" So it was time for some purging and organization, so now she has room for everything! So, here's the tour:
The entrance to the closet is dead center, just a few steps from the laundry room, and it divides Boy's side and Ginger's side. Boy's side faces the side street, and a large window was needed to keep the facade of the house balanced. The kitties were the beneficiary of this design fortune, because it created a little window seat for them that Jackson happily models in these photos.
Miss Ginger's side is to the right of the entrance, and she gets a smaller window that faces the back of the house, thus leaving room for a few more drawers of unmentionables. And for those of you who may not know, there is little on Earth that is more unmentionable than the lingerie worn by a sweaty drag queen after performing in a hot, stuffy, bar. As a matter of fact, I'm sorry I mentioned it!
Miss Ginger also created a little sewing area for herself so she doesn't have to pull the machine out and set it up everytime she needs to whip up a little couture that actually fits her largish frame!
And, both Gingers just LOVE shoes, as you can see!

Miss G has a show tonight at the BRB (8pm, locals! Be there!) That bitch better not come home drunk and trash it!


Joy said...

This is my dream closet! Really it is!! I love it so much! Inside I'm organized and neat. Things just got out of control when I was sick and overwhelmed me. I'm slowly getting back in control.

But back to you, my role model! Wonderful and well done!!

Indigo said...

I would love your closet! I can't imagine it ever being anywhere close to unorganized. There is a place for everything. (Hugs)Indigo

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I think your closet is as big as my office :o) Glad you had a chance to do a reorg :o)

Bob said...

I'm so jealous I can't standit.
Now I'm gonna have to get mving on MY closet!

miss alaineus said...

omg omg omg!!!!!

you have a serger!!!!!

your closet is close to the size of my apartment i think!!!!

looks spiffy!


sibelgis--- when you throw up on a sibling whilst on a long car ride!

mistress maddie said...

Girl, you are so lucky to have the room for all these things. I have to store all my drag crap in the railway closet I call it, in the main hallway and the wigs are all in separte boxes and each wig is on their head forms. Plus you have to walk in sideways to get stuff. You honey should start a organizing company! Your good. Have a blast tonight! PS- Your kitty looks VERY comfty in their too.

Take care-

MadeInScotland said...

My God! It's as big as our London city flat (condo to your readers)


ps the verification key is "conda". Almost a coincidence

Beth said...

Ohhh man, that is one sweet space. Nicely done!

I loved the pics of Jackson in his little cubbyhole. Aww!

I totally dig those white platform boots. Oh yeah babe!

Hugs, Beth

Coelha :B said...

Everything is so neat and organized! I'm sure it was worth the trouble to stay in that closet all weekend! I bet Miss G needs some time away--hope she has fun!! :) Julie

Anonymous said...

You have really expanded from the
1st Lucy /Ethel outfit,but you were not the fabulous Ginger then-Hope BRB went well Friday night-sorry we missed you and the program.MBC

Joy said...

I just have to tell you this! My friend Tina and I were on the phone, and I told her about your closet. So we both got online and went into major closet envy. She discovered we could click on the photos and embiggen them. So we drooled some more.

Then went to the pantry and freezer pictures. Tina wants to know if you have a commercial freezer because it's so big. I told her I thought I'd seen freezers that large before, so now we have to know.

We spent time enlarging each photo and discussing them at length. She has a sewing machine and serger(?) like yours she said.

Was your closet a room you had converted or did you take part of a room for it? I told you I love all this stuff! Awesome!!

Dan said...

Damn! Thats a nice clost, but better yet, I love Miss G's white boots!

Mark in DE said...

OMG, I have serious closet envy.

Lisa said...

OMG - I LOVE the closet! I can't wait to have a real closet and not the apartment one....I may just have to enlist the Gingers for creative assistance!

And it looks like I need a copy Of you performance schedule! I would ahve been there supporting you!

Blaine said...

Awesome closet....

Anonymous said...

Who won the contest at BRB and how did it go-hope you have pictures-we missed it. MBC

Yasmin said...

I would love your closet in the UK we don't really have walk in closets, just the sewing area.


Berry Blog said...

Mightily impressive.That with your kitchen is formidable. What's next?
all this and the gardening too? You are just a huge bundle of energy.

Sam said...

WOW!! If you didn't know this me, any my sis keep coming back and looking at that closet. Ms. Ginger you are incredible, and we have now declared you the Goddess of Perfection. BRAVO


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