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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miss Ginger Stops Herself....

before she totally "blogjacks" DD's comment section in response to her Drag Race recap! Bitch, you are WAY funnier than Chelsea Handler, and I LOVE her!
You should replace Ross or that funny looking chick on her show!
Anyway, among my comments are that Miss Ginger would LOVE to be on the next season of RpDR! She's not sure she has the energy and stamina to make it to the final 3, but her sewing abilities alone should keep her from pulling a Pork Chop!
Let's expound upon Tammie's headband for a sec. We are unanimous that the bitch has gone start raving mad! "Chico and the Man!" LMAO! I was thinking "Ricky Ricardo", but then, I'm older than you! (Tammie, you got some 'splainin' to do!)
And Shanell's ass?! WTF?! The late Daddy Ginger (God rest his soul) would have used one of his wacky WWII sayings: "Must be jelly 'cause jam don't shake like that!" Can you say flabby? If my butt jiggled like that I'd be corralling it into a nice tight pair of Spanx, not wiggling it in a thong on national TV!

Next up, Ongina, Shannel, and Rebecca joined the others. Ongina was her usual adorable self. Rebecca was her usual attractive self. And Shannel looked like someone’s Aunt Hedda going to her nephew's Bar Mitzvah. Oy.
Gurl- are you taking the same drugs as Merle and Santino? Attractive? She looks like she just finished the night shift at McBlowjobs. Or she just unloaded the freight at WhoresRUs. Or worked the sheets all night at Bitch, Bath and Beyond. She is not pretty! I'm not sure why everyone was so enamoured!

Anyway, I totally hope there is another season. My biggest fear is that ABC will pick up RuPaul to host a new show to follow "Dancing with the Stars". It would be called- (cue the drumroll)
Sharon Osborne, eat your heart out!


David Dust said...

Oh Honey - You can always blogjack my comments section!

And I LOVE the fact that I talked about Rebecca being "attractive", and Shannel looking like a Jewish Aunt - and you give me HELL for calling Rebecca attractive! What about my funny Shannel line?!? :) And it's not like I raved over Rebecca's beauty ... anything can be "attractive" - houseplants, kitchen appliances, a third-grader's artwork...

Thanks for the shout-out!


Dan said...

Miss G I am so with David -I would love to see you on the next show!
As for Rebecca! UGH - i have said it a million times, bitch is blowing Ru to get that far!

Beth said...

You crack me up, Miss G!

I didn't watch this season, but if you, David, and Mistress Maddie make the scene next season, I'll be stuck to the TV like mud on a pig!

Hugs, Beth

Berry Blog said...

Just loved your business nicknames..hilarous.Bitch, Bath and Beyond topped it for me. lmao

Joy said...

Oh, I hope you'll be on next season! That would be wonderful! All your Ginger Snaps and David's Dust Bunnies (some overlap) will be cheering you on! They'll be crazy not to have you on there!

Joy said...

Mistress Maddie, too, would make it exponentially better!


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