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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Flawless and Fearless!

Miss Ginger never really thought of herself as "fearless" person, but recently Bob and Edder put a meme on their blogs listing their fears, and it made Miss G realize that she doesn't have a lot! Really, there are just 2. Snakes, for sure. Growing up in South Lousiana, most of the snakes you are apt to come across are deady, so Miss G has always had a healthy fear of them. And as I've grown older, and have lost my mom, I have developed a healthy fear of strokes. I'm not scared for a stroke to kill me- I'm not afraid of death. I'm just afraid of being left without my occupational abilities, unable to take care of myself. That would suck, and it's been my primary motivation for losing weight.
Other than that, I don't have a lot of other common fears:
1. Bugs. We have roaches in Texas that have to pay taxes. They gross me out but I'm not scared of them.
2. Heights. As long as I'm on a stable surface, they don't bother me.
3. Vomit. Again, grossed out, but not scared.
4. Public speaking. Give me the microphone and get outta my way!
5. Hurricanes. Healthy respect, yes. But I survived Ike and it was pretty bad.
6. Losing friends and relatives. SO MANY people who were important to me are already gone. I can and will survive!

I thought this was a really thought provoking meme! What are your fears?


Indigo said...

Used to be snakes...but I have a snake on my totem so that was strange. My biggest fear is losing my memory and suffering from Alzheimers. It's a prominent disease in my family history. I don't have a problem getting older, just don't want to lose the ability to think for myself. (Hugs)Indigo

MadeInScotland said...

I'm afraid of needles.

And, I think, of being on my own.

Made in Scotland: Alone Again, Or

(as you might gather).

Wonder Man said...


Beth said...


Joy said...

Those trenches in the ocean. They really do scare me. I can't look at pictures of them. Drowning goes along with that one.

My children and grandchildren dying before I do.

A cigarette thrown out of a car in front of me making my car explode.

I have a few more, but these make me sound crazy enough.

Zombie Mom said...

I love this....

Pain- not mine but experienced by my children

Not too much else- I had a really long list and then within a few years many of my deepest fears came to pass- like,

being in a foreign country and being too sick to travel or call home for help and hospitalized without knowing the language or letting anyone know where I was.... did it

A bunch of other horrid stuff too...

Traumatic but effective for ridding me of most fears

miss alaineus said...

spiders and the dark, being underwater, choking.

love the irony of my word verification being hydro.....


kylerklnh said...

The two things I fear most are dying alone and losing my intellect or memories. My fear of dying alone probably comes from not believing in deities or an afterlife. I at least want someone or something comforting there when I am leaving this place. Losing any part of my mind would be a big blow for me, as I have worked so hard to build what I know, believe, and have experienced. To have that taken away would be cruel.

Mark in DE said...

Like you, I have very few "fears". That must be because you and I are more well-adjusted than those others!


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