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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Snax in the City!

What a beautiful day we had in NYC today! After our dreary, rainy day yesterday and a derailed PATH trip to Arby's in New Jersey, Miss Ginger was thrilled to see the beautiful sun shining on Manhattan today!

We had kind of a long night at the Urges last night, so it took Mamie and Maddie a little while to get themselves moving this am! Miss G had a little brekkie at the hotel, and then well all met up in the early afternoon and took the train to Chinatown.

Maddie had her a hankering for a "borbequed pork bun" that she discovered the last time she was here, so we headed to this most excellent dumpling house, called, aptly, the Excellent Dumpling House. Nothing like just the right combination of grease, dough, and salt to pull a gurl through a wicked hangover! Poor Maddie and Mamie were hurtin'!

Then it was off to Pearl River Trading for some serious tchochke shopping! Miss Ginger has never seen so fuckin' many teapots in one place in her entire life! She did find herself a lovely black dress and she even bought Boy G a cotton kimono that won't be too hot to wear like a terry bathrobe is!

Next we strolled through Little Italy, snacking on gellatto and shopping the papis! All that walking made Maddie hungry again, so we stopped at another little dumpling house for some pork buns to go, and made our way through the village to Garage, where we knew us gurls could take a load of for a few minutes and refresh before continuing our journey!

It was just outside of the restaurant that Miss G had her "celebrity" sighting for the week, and she uses that term VERY loosely! Waiting to cross the street, with a gaggle of poseurs pretending to be his friends, was Merlin, from "The Fashion No"! He was dress in a pink polo and jeans, but that donkey -faced smile was a dead give away. Then, when he put his hands on his hips and stuck his little belly out like he always did on the show, we knew it was him! I couldn't get a clear shot to snap a pic, so you'll have to trust me on this one!

After a couple of cock-a-tails and snackies at Garage, we took the subway back to Times Square, where I bid Maddie and sad goodbye, and headed back to the hotel for a quiet evening and an early turn in!

Tomorrow.... shopping!


Mr.Mischief said...

I want to see NYC sometime-I was amazed at Chicago when I went with Miss Alaineus, NYC has to be even more amazing...

David Dust said...

It was a MOST EXCELLENT Dumpling House, wasn't it?!?


Kailyn said...

But how long did y'all have to hear Maddie go on and on about how the name Merlin is awful?

Also will you be returning in October?

miss alaineus said...

i love dumplings...hopefully we will get to go to into the city if we can make the trip east over christmas break.

sounds like y'all are having a fine time!


taking turns playing the blame game is called culpers!!!!


Michael Rivers said...

Glad you are having a fun time in NYC! It's such a great place to visit. And I read the shocking news about Arbys!

Bob said...

Excellent Dumplings, shopping and a Merlin sighting!

theminx said...

Mmm...gelato. When I was in NY last August, after lunch at Garage, I sampled the wares of all three gelato shops in the neighborhood. I am such a glutton. :)

Beth said...

Good times! I saw the pic of David's Lube Sheep lunchbox. Haha! I'm going to be laughing about that all day. Glad you had a great time! XOXO Beth

Dannelle said...

You're doing the town justice! My ony time there was New Year's Eve 1967- I had finally gotten that far by train from California on way to RI- had to spent it in Grand Central Station waiting for train connection- ate at a automat and sadly watched revelers returning from the event-

Wonder Man said...

miss NYC

mistress maddie said...

was certainly a wonderful time this is for sure. It was so nice to see you again girl! And if you can still believe this, I'm still full!!!!!

Joy said...

I ate gelato everywhere I could in Italy! It's also good in Boston, so now I must have some in NYC.

DD really is a Dust Magnet getting the Bunnies to visit! Glad you had such a good time again.

Mark in DE said...

Fun, fun, fun!!!


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